Broken arm

Hey my arm got mangled by a turret and it got down to 0 Hp. It now needs surgical attention cause apparently bandages won´t fix it, and i thought i was such a good doctor.

How can i fix my arm? I´ve heard hospitals mentioned in the forum somewhere but i´ve never actually seen one.

I’ve seen precisely three hospitals in my time playing Cata DDA. One had a road running through the middle of it.
The others? well…

Let’s just say there’s very little chance you’ll be able to get into a hospital alive with only one arm. That said, look near big cities, but it’s mostly luck actually finding them. Even if it is bad luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I don’t actually think there are any ways to repair broken limbs ingame right now. Would be nice if we could make splints and crutches with First Aid/Survival.

Ah, so hospitals can be found in .4 windows version?

Did i understand correctly that i cannot get my arm back, even if i do manage to find a hospital?

As of 0.2:
“Finally, a new machine has been added to hospitals as a nice, if rather grisly, solution to losing limbs.”

I haven’t heard anything about said machine being removed, but I hardly go to hospitals, so I’ve never actually seen/used it. It’s worth a shot, at any rate-- at the very least, you’ll have an adventure.

I hit a Hospital a while back and second the perspective on their not being safe to attack with only one arm. Lotsa Boomers & Spitters, but then this predated 0.2. Sorry. :frowning:

Was that machine reponsible for cutting off useless limbs and replacing them with robolimbs?

It heals your broken limbs but as everyone has said is hell to get to.

I highly recommend going to a gas station if you want to get your arm fixed. Why? The road maps will help point out hospitals (or other areas) and a pile of Molotov’s can be used to clear it out. [B]DO NOT USE THEM INSIDE![/B]

-Bring something noisy to the hospital (Truck with no muffler, guns, grenade, exc.)
-Make a lot of noise to stir up the hornets nest.
-wait out front (or back, or anywhere they can get to you) for the hoard to arrive.
-Use Molotov’s to make a wall of fire and let all the zombies burn trying to get you.

Ahhh, that’s what you do. I can’t believe this is the only thread on this subject. Nothing on the wiki talks about broken limbs either. I thought my crazy schizophrenic cannibal was done for when his leg broke. Couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

Clearing out a hospital with a broken leg was… fun. I feel pretty proud for pulling it off though. The firecrackers + molotov was a great idea and it killed about a fifth of the zombies near the front. If I had another molotov I would have opened some doors and done it again.

You kind of need a little computer skill to get the machine working. You need to hack it twice and it’s not a particularly easy thing to hack. Fortunately all it does is set off an alarm if you fail and it allows you to try again, so as long as you’ve cleared the place out of zombies it’s just a matter of time. Also at least the hospital I used had multiple of these machines, so you shouldn’t have to run around too much. It’s whatever computer you find that doesn’t say something about being the blood centrifuge.