so it looks like you can tame a dog by giving it a bone or something, but that is the extent of pets. there is a roguelike called ‘elona’ that has extensive breeding. you can breed different monsters together to get new ones. this is a post-apocalyptic zombie/sci-fi game. how about hte ability to go mad scientist and breed all different types of mobs together to get new ones? some may be tame, some may try to eat you. add to the sandbox element. probably would need a skill for this. could be tied to the science labs to use vats there to breed or take them out.

any suggestions on how you would do this? id make it dangerous. you could breed a super zombie or a hulk kitten or something and it gets hungry.

Interest level:

If this were Dwarf Fortress that might be worthwhile, but since average life expectancy isn’t over what, a year at most? I don’t really see the outcome being useful. Meat comes by easily enough, hell sometimes it walks right on up to you. Only thing that isn’t readily available at the moment is milk and uh, I think I can make do without it.


I read Kevin’s Response and I HAD to.[/center]

There’s also that game where you get to be a necromancer, or a beastmaster, or just a plain-old Orc Champion and you get various followers depending on your taste. Though I’m pretty sure they don’t breed since they spawn as you want them to, there is a sheer force in numbers to suffice the lack of explicit content.
If I had to wait for a baby goblin to mature in game, I think I’d squash him. And that’s also roguelike, squashing/slicing ugly goblin/zombie babies…

I sincerelly admire your enthusiasm, youtoo. It’s that the concept behind cross-training and breeding comes from the strategy line of games, whereas you upgrade your facilities to have hydras spawn with more and more heads, and your Kennels grant you hellhounds instead of wargs for your Orc Riders. I don’t even know what could I do with an Alien/Ice_Dragon crossbreed in a sandbox game, other than feed it milk and cookies until it eats me…?


Can’t wait until we can breed Ranch little girls in cata.

Oh yes, there’s that hentai “freeware” that weighs over 2 GB to download that lets you “teach” girls and sell them.
Now I know what happened to farmer Rob. He eventually got devoured by a succubus.

I dunno, what ever happened to hitting the <- and -> to fill the spunkometer bar? PS Vita has arrows, right? :stuck_out_tongue: