not sure if this needs to wait for NPCs or not. many roguelikes have this ability. having a dog or two is not uncommon. In the Walking Dead TV series one of the characters had an interesting idea, she cut the arms off of zombies and cut out the toung and jaw, then they became docile. she put a collar on them. by having the zombies with her, the other zombies didn’t recognize her as food.

You can already get friendly dogs IIRC, via the dog-whistle. Otherwise this sounds cool. Have your character take a huge morale hit if they die.

Dog food.

The food makes them friendly, the whistle is how you command them.

Ah. Well. I usually just kinda… kill the dogs and get free food from them, so I wouldn’t know.

Cool, I didn’t know about this. Time to start a pack. I am Doglord.

thanks. did not know about pet dogs. how useful are they?

How do you get a dog whistle? I’ve used dogs quite a bit, but they just run around like crazy until they die.

Like it would be tought a lot of people here are interested in this. I too would like to know, how does one get a dog whistle?

Maybe there’s another practical way code a way to coordinate dog behavior. I don’t have a dog whistle around and I get understood by dogs with relative ease.

You get a dog whistle by doing the “Go get my dog from X location” NPC quest, IIRC. I don’t think it spawns otherwise.

You can either mod your .json files so you can create one, or just order it via Debug menu. (haven’t tried - maybe it’s not on the list?)
Once NPCs are redone, I’m sure you should be able to befriend and tame even better beasts without the need for such sugarcane as this.