Cute insect pet!

Sorry to keep bothering, but a friendly dermatik larva just burst out of my head and it is just the cutest thing.
I want to breed them in my head on my farm, but if they act like dogs thatd be hard.
Are the grown versions capable of not following you?
Can you leash them if not??
Id prefer a herd roaming free keeping my outpost safe, but that may simply be a pipe dream…

PS how long do they take to grow up??

Pet? Whoops. Last time one burst from my flesh I beat it to death and ate it.

They can clear wolves, coyotes and spiders around your base, but can’t survive real zombies. Tamed wild dogs are more easy to maintain.

I guess I could compare it to people eating their own placenta after giving birth but…

That’s still pretty metal.

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Their loss to dogs saddens me. :frowning:

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Cataclysm Dog Days ahead :smiley:

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Thank you.
Puns always help.

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you can carry them in pet carrier if you need it i had few of them defending my wooden cottage in forest they were nice agaist zombie dogs and other lone hostilies i just had to put them in pet carriers when i was home they mostly stayed near it so i just put them in pet carriers when i had to go on looting

alslo i think that pet carriers should be craftable, we can make complicated pneumatic weapons, gauss weapons, swords and armors but we cant make cage or pet carrier

and pet carrier do not look complicated too, a survivor without plastic mold can alslo use steel in place of plastic to make makeshift one anyway

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Oh jeez you can tame pets!! This game just gets better and better, is it a mod or in the base game?

I also agree with the crafting of the pet carrier, seems a makeshift one shouldn’t be too hard to craft up with the right materials available in game.

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To be fair, you could probably make one out of wire and a few two by fours for comfort.

In this vein again.
I got spider eggs.
You know what I want.
Is it possible?
I’d be cool even with enemies as you could have a spider meat farm

I’ve just subscribed to this topic, sir. :slight_smile:

While it may not answer my question, it is always nice to meet another lover of the little cutie creepers. ^^

I got infected by a dermatik once. After frantically purging myself with anti-parasitcal drugs I found the nearest missile silo and nuked that part of the swamp.

It was the only way to be sure.

I have several young fungaloids in pet carriers in my Solar Roller. Just in case I ever need to seed a fungal mat quickly.

Wait we can catch those?!?
Can we catch everything in those suckers?!

You can only catch things friendly to you that are smaller than a certain size. Hence why I had to catch a young fungaloid as opposed to a full-grown one. They’re friendly because it’s Marloss Man Reborn. He’s one of them.

tame-ability has farther reaching effects than I thought

Does this mean that slime mutants could stockpile themselves?