Brawns ParaBox - Blood sacrifices! Coin making! Not a single box involved!

I did it again, I went and butchered up the fine and beautiful code of CDDA to make something that I wanted. Even though I sound dismissive of my own efforts, I’ve tested this out and it works just fine, but be warned; I can’t guarantee it’ll be stable/safe for all mods/games/saves. Dare you open the p a r a box?


What this mod does is basically allows you to spawn certain hard-to-get items, for a cost of a trade-good and powered by a resource crafted from blood. Included is a tool to allow you to harvest your own blood (it’d also probably work on bodies), some recipes to make the ingredients needed for your brand new wishing-well, and some more recipes to trade your brand new hand-made coins into juicy precious electronic materials and the like!

This isn’t such a super big, super fancy, super crazy mod, but I hated using debug to spawn tech scrap and working with my own internal system of ‘okay, I’ll burn 1000 feathers and spawn 1000 down feathers for fairness’. Now I can bleed myself and trade coins to the portal storms for stuff, and you can too!


Ahh! Until I can figure out how to add a seperate subcategory into the crafting menu, all the contents of this mod can be found in OTHER/OTHER. The main items you’ll want to look at are ‘vitae’, ‘wishing well’, strange stick/rock’, ‘gold/silver flat-slug’, and the ‘bloodletting set’. Collect blood from a human, an animal, a mutant and a zombie, mix it into vitae; use regular sticks and rocks to ‘craft/search’ for altered materials left behind by the portal storms; make some flat-slugs, although these are merely ritual because the vitae is doing the heavy lifting; finally create a wishing-well, and see what offers you can make!

Update: 4/4/22

Tweaks! Additions! New stuff!

  • Big Flippin’ Note: I figured out how to make categories! So all the Parabox mod stuff (anything that directly involves with messing with not-so-realistic aspects of blood sacrifice and portal trading) has its own category, the Paradox slot!

  • In lesser news, I decided to merge my first mod (Brawns Box, adds a simple/nice tinderbox firestarter) with this one. Simpler, and honestly, I think it all fits (after all I was playing off the ‘box’ pun). So! Don’t use Brawns Box with this mod!

  • Vitae no longer requires nasty yucky zombie-blood, who would ever value that stuff?
  • Bye-bye lightbulbs, ‘innawoods’ has a better recipe for you!
  • Ditto to power converters! Highly recommend the ‘innawoods’ mod!
  • Foot-crank (trade-via-vitae), because a manual oil press shouldn’t be limited to city-slickers and their fancy bicycles!
  • Forage porridge, using my favorite cropstuff (buckwheat) and making an alliterative addition to your edible emergency supply and/or stockpile!
  • Gas powered jackhammer? Meet your more expensive but perhaps more useful diesel-brethren! Does it necessarily make sense? ‘Does any of the Cataclysm make explicit sense’ is my response.
  • Also a small cylinder engine (trade-via-vitae), for the conversion/crafting of said augmented tool.
  • Some fixes to previous trades, should work and feel better now.
  • Probably some more stuff that I’ve forgotten, hope you enjoy!
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