Use of Lightstrips?

So I tried to craft lightstrip to save on batteries when reading at night. But those things don’t give out any light, even activating it, I cannot read by their light, much less use them to light up my shelter. So is there a use to them apart from grinding electronic?

The sir who created and added them in, informed me(as I have asked the same Q), that they’re not used for reading, more of a path marker for night time.
Though, he says he’s open to making them used for that.

Read for yourself:

Not necessarily. I noticed that you couldn’t read with them when I added 'em, and wasn’t sure whether or not that was a good thing.

At a minimum, they’re meant to be a cheap way to provide long-lasting minor illumination at night. Useful for navigating in the dark, and such. If people find (or suggest) other uses for them, though, I’m all for that.[/quote]

You’d have to sling that crap over your shoulder to be able to use it as a proper light source, judging by the power draw. Even then you probably wouldn’t be able to see all that much in darkness.

You could use them to keep a lab or something relatively well lit, but you have to make so many of them, its easier to just use a flashlight.

I guess they could also be a distraction for nighttime raids. Zombies are drawn to light, right?

Drop them on the ground and walk away. They don’t boost your night vision (since they’re only a 1-tile radius of light), but they can be used to create little islands of light.

I’m actually not sure if zombies are attracted to light, but IMO they should be, at least at in the dark. And THAT would seem like a suitable use for lightstrips.

They’re attracted to YOU when you have a flashlight or torch turned on (I imagine this is really confusing to those used to brit-english)
I guess because it creates light around you which they can see in as well as you can, and like real life, you can see a light from a greater distance than you can use a light to see with.

I found lightstrips to be massively easy to construct, so I made two/three raids on electonic stores. abit of disassembling later and I had enough lightstrips to fully light my LMOE shelter. |They last for fucking years too so I won’t need to do it again for a while.

You can get enough light to read by if you place two next to each other, I find that is their main use if you have a base without a computer

Speaking from cottage experience and having tried to read books with nothing but a single-LED keychain light, I can say that the activity is a damn pain. …unless you want to get creative and find a better way of mounting the light to your head than holding it in your teeth. And even then it’s so dim it’s bordering on joke territory.

Light strips seem to have a bit more going for them, but in all honesty I would expect any improved brightness to just attract bugs at night. Knowing how Cataclysm’s insect population looks, I’m not sure I’d be so keen for the novels.