Efficient way to light a base?

After a lot of dying, (I had better luck in Classic Zombie mode, but that seemed like easy mode, and cut out a bunch of cool stuff) I finally managed to get a character going who survived for a few days, gathered some good gear, got some skills and so on. And I even found a LMOE shelter a short distance from my original shelter. The only thing is, the only real lighting I’ve found so far is flashlights, and that’s really, really not an efficient way to see anything in the base. I haven’t found any oil or gasoline lanterns so far either. So I’m just wondering, what’s the best way to light a base? Not necessarily everything, but a large enough area that it’s not frustrating to get around? I assume further in development it’d be possible to hook up a solar or gasoline generator, probably with the vehicle system, but right now I’m pretty sure this has to be done with conventional items, so what are your preferred ways?

Also, I can’t seem to find out how to craft a gasoline lamp (which I think would be the most useful item for that right now) despite having read a few books. Is it even craftable?

Lightstrip at first, then atomic nightlight. Lightstrip has “only” 900 charges, but it uses them incredibly slowly and thus lasts for days. Atomic nightlight is like a lightstrip, but heavier and with infinite charge.

You can construct a big semi-static lamp using vehicle frame + battery + controls + flashlight, but you’d need to charge the battery outside (using solars or alternators), because inside you have no daylight for solars and engines would just smoke too much.

You can also use the wood stove and burn tiny items (paper, skewers, splinters) on it. It won’t be good for reading, but good enough for long crafting (you only need light to start crafting).

I tend to start with waiting until it’s daytime and working outside (Warranty does not cover Zombear attacks), going through Coolthulhu’s list, then going to solar powered floodlight/mutations (mutating high/full/fey night vision is INCREDIBLE, you can read/sew/craft in a cave no problem).
With floodlights it’s generally best to manually turn them on/off when you need them because solar power isn’t particularly reliable and vehicle-mounted-flashlights are more efficient (I think? have not SCIENCE!'d) than floodlights, but you have to decide on an area to do stuff in, and making solid (short/mid/)long term decisions is a weakness of mine.

Very recently I managed to discover an atomic nightlight in a subway system, definitely going to explore all of those now, nightlights are extremely useful (even if they might be radioactive/become radioactive if you damage them, can I get a clarification for posterity? I will carry them around regardless).
Atomic Nightlights are one of those things that are amazing in a base, but terrible if you forget you’re carrying it. EVERYTHING will see you if you’re carrying one at night on accident (Many™ survivors died to bring you this information).

Edit: Grammars

Most damaged atomic things will leak radiation until they are repaired (if possible), yes.

Lightstrips are awesome, and you can get the recipe from either entry-level electronics book.

That said, since you’ve a LMoE shelter, you’ve a wood stove and a lot of two-by-fours - that should hold you for a fair bit, in the short term.

Also, the filled charcoal kiln produces light while it does its thing, though I’m not sure if it’s enough for reading quickly.

Does no one remember the “generator”?

Weld controls, a floodlight, and a charged battery to a frame and BAM, a nearly permanent light source. You’re not gonna be alive long enough for it to die out, skrub though.

Ah, that explains a thing I was wondering.