Booby Traps & Area Denial: Claymores, Bouncing Betty, Spring-gun, Deadfall Traps, Electrified Floor, Motorised Blades, etc


Oh yeah, that should work. That’s kind of like how they get the Thing in the original 1951 movie.


I’ve never seen anything survive being on fire from a flamethrower for more than a tile or two.


…man I seriously need to get more distance in CDDA so I know stuff like this without being told after a suggestion.


Some nice Vietnam traps


“nice” Vietnam traps. Brutal in how easily they could be put together, and built in the field while being so well thought out in execution. thanks for that vid.

Hmmm Maybe some more horde minded traps multi tile swinging gate type traps triggered by trip wire.


If it “just” lights them on fire, they aren’t going to burn away with no residue. They’re going to leave a big pile of (potentially conductive) carbon residue, which is just perfect for continuing to short your circuit. Of course you’re actually hosed before then because the body is going to continue to short your circuit and draw power while it’s burning. In short (ha), that doesnt solve your problem at all.
Before you even get that far though, you need to look up how much power it takes to immolate a body, that’s less than vaporization, but way the hell more than an electric fence or even an electric chair.

Basically you’re using movie logic here, please do some research.


Electrical trap doesn’t have to be sophisticated, two wires, a grill of conductive metal, maybe two copper pipes and a car or bike battery. I’m not expert in the field of electricity but I believe a car battery can deliver a substantial amperage thus might be lethal. So assuming that zombies react to electric damage per analogy of human organism, and also assuming the zombie has no non conducting clothes or armor, such trap, in which zombie closes the circuit, would result in two scenarios: either a damaging shock, or if resulting paralysis keeps the body locking the circuit the current would flow untill battery either fails or empties, potentially killing the victim. Not burning as suggested. Zombies act on instinct so any trap obvious to the eye of a human would be ignored by them, making them more effective.

Also on that principle one does not need a bouncing mine. Just hang the mine on a stick in the air, and attach some wires to the detonator.

Shaped charges would be great as alternative door breaching methods.


Yep, basically all that has been said near the start of the thread, but it loks like probably much more charge is needed, almost certainly in a differnt form than car battery. Sadly not quite that simple.


To play a twist on the electrocution trap, what about it being powered by electric car battery? In game terms, constructing a cart, installing 2 storage batteries, 2 solar panels, and connecting with jumper cables?


again, a trap powered b car battery without any kind of transformer or capaciter setup… probably isn’t the right kind of amperage to cause damage. Almost positive, that why you don’t see to many deaths from people working on car batteries.


Oh no, a car battery is easily capable in terms of raw amperage of killing someone, several times over in fact IIRC. The low voltage, 12v, (and also that its DC rather than AC) just means you just have to be extremely careless, like dropping the leads into a pool of water you are standing in, touching the leads while wet, or deliberately trying to electrocute yourself or someone else. It is definitely POSSIBLE to kill someone with a car battery, but it would be impractical. You would have to have the electrodes contact them just right for one thing, and if they are wearing clothes they would need to be wet or conductive.

I don’t think a zombie would be cooperative if you tried to douse it with water and hook a car battery up to its nipples with jumper cables.


I was thinking along the lines of if the ingame electric cars were comparable to real life. IRL hybrid and electric car batteries produce, depending on make and model, 200 to 400 volts, even more, and are very much capable of killing a person instantly.

I am still figuring out the differences and comparisons between ingame vehicles and real vehicles for my own experiments, but for the purpose of powering a trap, i thought of the possibility of 2 frames, etc. to power the trap in game. Wouldn’t that be enough juice?

EDIT such as negative to plates on ground, positive to dangling chains.


Apologies, its a cybernetic, chemical fired, ligament housed, personal claymore.

Quite understandable, there will be someone to pick up that torch. And it shall be a welcome addition.


Im thinking about laser trap…how to make it?
1.find any laser gun (from zombie super soldier maybe?)
2.make a half build door/window or pipe fence(i know pipe fence dont exist on cdda,maybe add it?)
3. Make the half build door/window or fence into laser trap…

This idea just pop up on my head when i see dissector lol