Will where ever come a trap update?

So I was wondering we have been hearing about all sorts of cool ideas and features for the game but you never seem to hear anything about new traps. So are there any plans in the future to do anything new with traps or add new traps.

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need someone interested in making new traps

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I think the deeper issue is there’s no base defence meta.
I still want to do proper hordes, which might fix that.


Won’t people just build funneling areas and cheese the fact that they can 1v1 the entire horde? Nevermind having NPCs on your side who seem to have a lot more health than you do, and seem better at combat.

That doesn’t sound like cheesing, to me that just sounds like proper tactics you would use if you where to be in a similar situation. If you are gonna prepare for a attack from a horde on the place you live than of course you are gonna give yourselve every advantage you can get and mitagating there numbers advantage is part of that.


What kind of traps are on the table? The more elaborate, the more work in implementing it.

Deadfall? Small bunny lasso+sapling in a forest? Indiana Jones spherical boulder down a hallway? :wink:

Pretty sure the traps we have in game are reasonable and do a decent job. But I’d like to hear of other traps that may be possible and functional.

Do the turned on sawblades you can install on vehicles do damage to zeds by virtue of them being near/on them while turned on? Can’t remember, but if so then they’d work nicely for sawblade traps. There’s always a plunger explosive to consider too.

Maybe attaching a jumper cable to a vehicle with power and then dropping the other end on the ground in a puddle of water and then having things walk over the electrified water could be done for shock traps.

It’d be pretty fantastic if you could butcher acid zombies with acid resistant gloves and boots on and then bottle their acid for use in turret traps that have some sort of acid spraying gun in them. Of course, there’s also flamethrower turrets to consider.

One obvious one to me would be a simple snare that poachers use easy to make (only need a little bit of wire and a little skill) and although it wouldn’t do a lot of damage to zombies it would slow them down and keep them in place for a good while.

Another one would be a upgraded version of existing traps such as a metal spike pit or a custom made bear trap not designed to just pin a creature in place but made to crush a limb or snap it right off.

Or more explosive traps that use not just grenades but use the other explosives in the game as well so that you can get a trap that can blow up a hulk or juggernaut.

Simplest one I could think of is just a deadfall trap. Placing a heavy and hard object on a partially opened door and anything that opens the door is gone get the object on their head.

edit: Electrified fences would be nice for things like secured facilities to add more difficulty.

0 level trap skill:
Powder trap: thin powder (flour, chalk dust, etc.) that leaves tracks if something walks through it with feet.

Paint trap: exact same thing but with paint.

Could be good to hunt invisible creatures. If that were to become a thing. ahem


It already is, haven’t you ever met a shady zombie?


I stand corrected and justified.


weirdly enough, you can mod more traps because of the “spell” system, you can make a trap that spawns fire/electricity, if you want to go a bit more far-fectched you can make it alter the terrain to encase the mob, even spawning pools of water or acid, even webs. But i believe the main reason they arent mainlined is because of the usefulness or maybe the way trapping works


Made me think of an acid trap. Container gets broken by tripping a trap and the tile becomes a pool of acid which then melts whatever moved onto that tile.


Door Top Acid Trap= Glass Beaker(or similar glass container) tips onto the tile ahead when the door is opened. Either dumping onto a fast target passing through the doorway or onto the tile in which anything moving onto that tile melts. {SpicyShadow reminded me of the old bucket of water gag)

Trip Acid Trap= Any easy to break(glass?) container capable of containing very strong acid. Add a simple trip cord/wise/string to a small explosive like an M80 or something. Ytip. POW! A 9 tile possible spray pattern with acid on the ground lasting a short while(similar acid spitters).

Water Bucket Zap Trap= An open bucket or container of water plus a few capacitors and a high voltage battery. Bucket tips over dumping the water onto a tile or two and the battery expunges the full charge(as much as it can). When moved onto such electrified tiles. Damage dealt.

Pepper Pop!= Bottle/tin of pepper mixed with hot sauce or salt water and glass+ small explosive.(such as on a window sill) Open the window and POW! you get peppered with shards of glass and pepper in the area in a small radious making breathing difficult and gagging a few turns. Plus pain because salt/hot sauce in the wounds.{survivor house? log cabin in the woods that holds decent gear/goods?}