Claymore mines?

So now that we have a more detailed and realistic explosives and shrapnel mechanics, I was thinking Claymore mine should be a thing. You could place it and then point the direction of shrapnel to be bursted, the same way you do when installing a headlight to your car.

Can be activated either remotely via a special RC trigger, or just work as other traps on a step or a proximity.

Sorry if that is already a thing, never found one yet.

So does it means that explosions are drawn in a cone shape?


Supposably it looks like that in-game.

Claymores are not yet a thing, to my knowledge. It’s been discussed before. Last time I asked questions about cones . . .

That’s from Booby Traps & Area Denial: Claymores, Bouncing Betty, Spring-gun, Deadfall Traps, Electrified Floor, Motorised Blades, etc - #6 by TheMurderUnicorn which was back in December. I don’t think cones have been implemented since then, though I haven’t been keeping up with the state of things like I used to.

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