Advanced traps?

I think that having a new way of making traps would be neat, and increase the use of traps by making the process more fun.

I was thinking of having a separate menu a lot like the one used for vehicles, where you can link up different components that you place down manually, but on a limited grid. To link up a trigger to an object would require 1 rope per tile or something. Possibly making different components effect trigger chance too, having a wire linkage would be less likely to break than string and what-not.

Having higher trapping skill making the maximum number of parts in a tile seems fair, since you’d be more experienced in how much clearance X needs to work properly.

Allowing traps to “wield” weapons would be a nice use of all of the excess weapons that wind up being accumulated too, an M72 LAW hung above the door and rigged up to a tripwire isn’t all that bad of an idea in the cataclysm.


Nobody is interested in doing all this tremendous amount of work. You can try though.

The more I’ve been on here the more I’ve seen references to tutorials, I’ll see what I can do, if I can do it!