A few ideas

I was thinking about how it would be possible to improve “stealth” in the game, and brainstormed a few ideas.

  1. Have a “stance” button. Standing, crouching and prone. Can reduce visual detection at range and significantly improves accuracy. Maybe someone can add bipods for use with rifles/MGs to make them even more accurate in prone mode or when braced against an obstacle.

  2. Have some sort of camouflage effect for certain clothes, maybe a ghille suit and facepaint. Or, maybe “zombie camoflage”, or smearing yourself with zombie guts. This would obviously result in a fairly severe negative moodlet (unless the PC has the strong stomach perk) and post a SEVERE risk of infection if the PC has any wounds (deep wounds are almost guaranteed infection)

  3. An option to move carefully. This can be useful for both navigating difficult terrain and reducing the sound you make when walking (with light step perk you can move almost silently)

  4. Scent killer. Can be professional grade or home made. Useful for both sneaking up on animals when hunting and avoiding zombies. Maybe there can be a rudimentary wind mechanic as well, so you can tell if you are upwind or downwind of something.

Separate ideas

-Use thermite to open safes/doors/metal bars. Creating a thermite “paste” by suspending it in petroleum jelly or mineral oil.
-Have the integrated toolset CBM be able to saw open/cut through doors, bars and safe locks. (this is an intensive job, and would require large power reserves. An intergrated hacksaw would just take time.)
-A “familiarity” level for weapons. Gained by using them, it improves handling of the weapon for that survivor (within realistic bounds) based on how used to using it they are. So survivors can have their “trusty rifle” and use it like they know how to use it. This is justifiable in the sense that even factory made rifles have some minor defects that the user has to compensate for, not to mention the handling and operation itself. Reloading the same gun a thousand times will make you a little better at reloading it.
-Carving notches into your gun

1.Sure, the lean and peek mechanic already exist so I see no issue with crouching

2.Zombie pheromones already exists so I see no point but maybe the devs may wish for this…

3.Erm maybe I don’t know about this as it would basically be the crawling benefit stated earlier only without the aim benefit while increasing time taken per move

4.Sure, they exist in reality but I believe this would only affect animals as zombies basically just approach anything that smells vaguely alive

5.Despite breaking bad Thermite doesn’t melt most locks aside from poorly made aluminum padlocks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dJww7TcpX8, personal tests and most pyromaniacs will tell you similar

6.Sure but it would take around a hour to cut most padlocks but you could also heat the locking mechanism with the blowtorch to hope the hook mechanism expands to the point of releasing the lock, however on anything that isn’t a padlock this would be beyond a chore

7.I would actually like for this to be a system but it is a bit too awkward to code given the current leveling system that exists although most handguns/modern rifles aim in a similar fashion with iron sights, the only thing that change should be reload time and recoil adjustment on guns you are not trained within so I suppose the current system is better


9.They are very rare but why not

I don’t know what you are using to melt locks, but it isn’t thermite. Thermite has a burning temperature of around 4,000°F. The problems you most likely had are bad mix, heat dissipation, and having it too spread out. Thermite can melt through a jet engine, given enough time. And suspending it in some sort of thick emulsifying solution will make it work better, as it won’t be moved off the spot you are burning.

Also, that video doesn’t look like the guy is using thermite. It looks like he’s using a rusty iron rod with a bit of aluminum sprinkled on top.