Bloodthirsty Trait

So I have been reading up on the traits and I notice that their was not an opposing trait for pacifist. Anyways I think it would be cool if a new Bloodthirsty trait could have it where you enjoy fighting.

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Would be nice to have. Morale boost from fighting, and a morale drop sometimes when there’s nothing to kill.

Glad someone agrees. I wonder how difficult it’d be to add.

Not very difficult, but it’d very good if you could describe in details what this trait should do.

Well, you know how you get negative morale when you kill kids? This trait could make it where you get a positive morale anytime you kill… anything… And maybe make it where you get negative morale when you haven’t killed something in a while.

It seems kind of powerful, so I think it costing three points would be a good idea.

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The basic infrastructure for this is present in the Pyromaniac trait, I don’t know how hard it would be to split off into a generic function that serves multiple traits, but that’s where I’d start hacking.

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Could give a sprinkle of Trigger Happy too. When euphoric and the toon is holding an automatic fire weapon. This weapon may fire without player consent.

In short. Your toon gets over happy from killing and turns a little loopy. Sporadically firing even when nothing is around.

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It should also have a cap on how much moral boost you get from doing so, like the pyro trait does, and other mood boost methods, otherwise it would be way to over powered.

Valid point. Wouldn’t wanna end up perma psycho pissing through bullets lol

This sound like a wonderful idea! Adrenaline should be added to it also, in my opinion. You ARE killing a bunch of stuff after all.
But perhaps there will be less of a benefit for killing little bunnies and such though. It isn’t as entertaining as punching a hulk to death.

That reminds me of anti-psychotic medicine. While not to be confused with mitigation of symptoms and unchecked kill frenzy morale buffs/debuffs.

Adrenaline is a good idea to add in. I wonder if the character would just end up going insane and need to knock back some meds to chill?

Bloodthirsty actually could work. Though I think we have an apex predator mutation that works like reverse pacifist in that you gain combat skills faster.