Trait suggestions RE + and/or - Morale for killing monsters

I was thinking about how killing child zombies makes your character unhappy.

I was thinking that, in the given scenario, some folks might have qualms about that, yet some would not - an ideal of self-preservation. Sure, they’re kids, but they’re also literally ankle-biters…

Then I thought, well, why not just killing monsters in general could make a survivor feel good. Ridding the world of them, so to speak. So therefore a bonus to morale as a result.

To not make it OP, it could maybe kick in after killing 10 within, I dunno, 10 minutes or something. And to some fitting limit, such as 50.

Maybe two traits, one for ignoring -Morale for killing child zombies, and one for +Morale just for killing things. Probably pretty costly to pick up since it could be quite powerful.


EDIT: There is another option I think for a generalised -Morale to killing things…it could be challenging, or plain crippling, but either way could be interesting. For building “pacifist” type characters perhaps.

They have pacifist and berserker is planned. Choose psychopath if you just don’t care about killing things.