Blood Stains from misses

I noticed this most often when using bows and unfletched arrows against squirrels - blood stains are generated when I have never even hit the target.

Are you sure it’s a miss, not a grazing hit?

I can confirm getting a “barely miss” message and still having blood on the ground. This applies to guns as well as arrows.

Yeah, it’s a very old bug. I remember me noticing it when I played vanilla cataclysm.

I’ve always seen this as just grazing the thing, not hitting it. That’s why blood is there.

Nah it’s a bug, that happenes when you “hit”, but the target “dodges”, it’s something like:

if(hit) {
 if(monster->dodge) {
  print("you barely miss!");
 } else {

In reality it’s a LITTLE more complicated than that, but that’s the bug in a nutshell.