0xA: Blood out from nowhere

  1. Take an electric carver
  2. Attack something alive
    3.1. You hit. A pool of blood as result.
    3.2. You miss. You still get a pool a blood.

Couldn’t reproduce. (I did notice the weapon produces a LOT of blood, apparently due to the MESSY weapon tag).

I did hit most things even with zero skill btw. I tried squirrels, and at least I could miss those.

Are you sure you didn’t mean that you hit but didn’t do damage? (I could not hit and not do damage sadly).

Did run into another bug, btw. Apparantly hallucinations can bleed (Have suggested fix).

Still, thanks for reporting

it may have simply lost blood at the same time that you attacked, and missed.

You mean like a bleeding monster? I think monsters do not bleed. Not sure btw.

I also notice blood spatters appearing when I get shot at by a turret in what’s presumably a miss, or a zero damage hit. But that’s been the case since I started playing many revisions ago.

A while back some guys (including me) thought a “miss” was actually a grazing hit (aka no damage). That was our reason…

If that’s the case, there ought to be a check as to whether damage is actually inflicted before a blood spatter generates.