My friend want to ask "why the bullet can't fly over the target?"

This is the most thing my friend always want to know, they said, if bullet miss on the target, it won’t flyover and hit something behind but simplely disappear, same thing also happen when bullet shooting on skeleton, Kevin, you got something to do about it? mabye when you make those bullet can flyover the target, I can finally spraying the bullets on the zombies group for now.

what version of the game is he using as I am sure kevin did this a while ago.

Last few changes to projectile system were mine.

I just tested it: missing bullets phase through stuff on their way just fine, this includes skeletons.

:slight_smile: I knew some one did this a while ago sorry I got the person wrong :(.

TBH its understandable in a way we have so many bloody awesome people helping make CDDA better its hard to keep track of every thing LOL.


There wont be having some situation like you firing a rocket or grenade at the skeleton and just fly over it, right? because in real life, if you try to hiting humanoid monster such small thing, you just aiming on the floor where they standing on, right?

If I recall, you can in fact target the ground and exploit that to hit skeletons. But aiming for the space the enemy is standing on results in targeting them specifically, with no way to ensure that a missed rocket will impact at their feet.

Personally I prefer getting a good group of monsters in a row and targeting an enemy in the back of it, that way it’s almost guaranteed that one of them will be eating a direct hit.

Just don’t aim the LAW @ the hulk charging you. It may impact a bit shorter than you think… RIP that survivor.

And that is why rockets and GL rounds in real life have arming distances.

Last I checked, explosives were not recommended as close quarters weapons.

Though again, in reality if you try to point-blank a target, it only hurts THEM like hell, not both of you. o3o