Bleeding on each hit?

Now on 0.7.1 - 166 : Bleeding and bite wounds occur with almost all hits received, did anything significant change with those 2 ?

I think it’s intentional, since it was kinda silly how the only thing that could make you bleed before was a bearclaw to the abdomen. This makes bandages actually more useful than just smaller First Aid kits. And luckily they also made it so if you don’t staunch it, it stops on its own anyway. (A fact I annoyingly found out AFTER I ripped up my shirt into rags to stop the bleeding.)

I don’t recall seeing any discussion on that, and as it is bite wounds are a PitA so I’m hoping it wasn’t intentional. Have bled a few times and that gets annoying too.

It’s not like a mutant character with Fangs, Mandibles, or Claws (let alone Long Talons); likewise mech-augs with the Claws, can make the enemy bleed or take an infection timer, and if they could it wouldn’t achieve anything. If static spawn had persistent critters, so long-term wounds affected them, too, that could be interesting.

You can use a blade with some fire to stop bleeding also. Iv use the build, and didn’t notice more bleeding than other build. It’s just you. Almost sure.

Key to avoid bleeding is to cover yourself with enought protection, so small hit/ near-missed hit won’t do dmg, absorbed my armor.

then train Dodge. Wear the biggest armor you can, go near a spider (not a wolf one, the white/grey one, because actually wolf spider is a bit tought) and let it attack you : it won’t do any dommage because the attack of this spider is really low. Well, don’t forget to protec every part or you dude, not only torso/head.
You can even craft while dsoing this. Just don’t fight something else and use all your focus in something else. Do small thing, dunno, cook a bit, purifi water, etc.

After that kill it, wear light armor, you will get a bonus to dodge, and almost every attack will be avoided so no bleeding.

Have noticed no real change in bleeding in the most recent build.

This right here. AFAIK nothing has been changed with bleeding since at least .6ish.