Blobpocalypse and Unstoppable Fungus Among Us

PART I: The Blobs

Ok so like…what is the deal with the spawn rate of small blobs (I get that when you kill them they splatter into two small blobs, but it no way does that account for the 60-90 something small blobs I have on my screen). Do blob-globs reform into small blobs like zombies get back up if you don’t butcher them, but at a more alarming rate? Do small blobs reproduce through parthenogenesis every few turns even when you’re not actively killing them? Can you kill them faster than they spawn?

Most importantly, is it at all possible to clear an area of a blob infestation by any means? Can you kill them faster than they can spawn? The area is nowhere particularly near a Slime Pit (~) if it makes a difference.

Also if it matters, I always play on Static Spawn. The other Spawn mode (forget what it’s called) is just too unforgiving for me. I die enough on Static.

PART II: The Goddamn Fungaloids

Is there any remotely effective way in this game to beat back the growth of fungal beds and fungal walls? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that Fungaloids are non-aggressive, it’s a huge relief in a world where everything is trying to kill you (although I would also love a mod that made the only enemies fungal zombies and made them aggressive, i.e. turned the game world into that of The Last of Us, my other favorite post-apoc game and the reason the Cataclysm needle is back in my arm this time around). But is there anyway to defeat their unstoppable terraforming?

They create fungal terrain so fast. Over the years I’ve had three or four bases or potential bases just get completely ruined by some combination of blobs and/or fungus. (More than once I’ve set about fortifying a mansion only to discover that two sides of it were completely overrun with fungus and two sides of it were completely overrun with blobs.) I was hoping fire would kill the fungal beds similar to how it quickly removes cobwebs, but no such luck (which does makes in-game sense). I have noticed that a recipe for Fungicide Sprayer exists but I have yet to actually build one and I have no idea how efficient it is. (I did/do have a couple of small bags of fungicide. I foolishly assumed that when I was (a)ctivating it I was sprinkling it on the ground. I thought maybe it needed a lot to take effect to so I did this about 20 times. Only when I looked at the morale screen did I realize that I had been (E)ating the fungicide by (a)ctivating it. I disliked fungicide. I disliked fungicide a lot. But this raised a whole other series of questions: if fungicide can be injested, does this mean that your body can be infected by fungus? I’ve never let a spore cloud explode on me, so I don’t know.)

Tell me your tales of fungicidal crusades. Can the fungus among us be defeated in current build? Is there anyway to scour it back faster than it terraforms the terrain?

Just so you can see what I mean.

A lot of things depend on what version you are playing - in 0.C, blob did continue spawning, so yes, they could take over an area, and kill them off could be a pain… fire is your friend! Kill a few to get some blob glob lying around, then start a fire (when it’s NOT RAINING! Done that before…) and quietly get some distance (they primarily go by sound, not sight). The chain lightning CBM is also really good for dealing with them when they swarm… Also, setting a house on fire can deal with them pretty nicely, as they are drawn to the noise just like zombies, but they don’t get back up from the rubble later.

Yes, fungaloids can infect you. It’s bad - like fungal-stalks-burst-from-your-torso-breaking-your-arms-and-giving-you-crazy-levels-of-pain bad, if you don’t deal with it soon enough. Having some fungicide (or anti-fungal meds are even better) around is a really good idea. Also, killing them from outside melee range makes you practically immune (primary danger is when they burst when they die) - reach attacks and ranged weapons all the way.

And fire is even better for dealing with fungaloids… but again, not when it’s raining. Personally, I generally try to avoid fungal areas until winter, then burn them out. (Hack for getting rid of fungal bed: till the soil. A hoe can get rid of an area of fungal bed in minutes, even in the rain.)

Oh, and one more source for blob, even in the experimentals: amoebic blobs. They turn most non-PC/NPC things to blob on touch, so an amoebic blob in a city full of zombies can create a mass of blob right quick.

Thanks for the info. A round of molotov cocktails for all these motherfuckers.

So actually a slime pit is maybe 10-15 map tiles away from the town that has now been completely overrun with blobs ( just as I was setting up my garage base). On the wiki (which I know is crazy out of date) it says I can go into the slime pit and if I can kill the “Brain Blob” all the blobs will dry? Is this true (of the surface blobs as well)?

Nope to both the existence of a brain blob and the other blobs drying up. Basically slime pits are a infestation that the only way to exterminate as far as I know is to nuke it from orbit, or the nearest silo.

Nuke’s don’t work. Launching a nuke only turns the terrain into a crater; anything around there is still alive, though will be damaged by going through the rubble.

Worse, it only affects the surface; anything below will still be intact.

Meh, now that they don’t spawn more of themselves all the time, it’s actually not that bad to clear one out.

Also, you can just set the black terrain on fire - it burns nicely, just wait until it’s out, and most of the blobs should be dead.

You can actually launch nuclear weapons in this game? My God I fucking love cataclysm.

Make sure you have good backing skill though and at least a gas mask and some Prussian and iodine pills since aparabtly when you start on a standard start it looks like the nukes have been abandoned for years rather than days.