Anti fungal zombies

To day while creating new world i forgot to enable No fungal mod. When i started playing i saw a small war between zombies and fungus. After watching a while zombies lost quite severely and were converted to fungal side.

This got me thinking who is top dog in the multiversal 4d chess strip poker. Blob or the funguys?
Seeing the zombies lack any anti fungal capability i would say it the mold is the winner.

I understand this due to relative early stages of development, but i wanted to use this brainstorming opportunity for the future. Maybe it at some point would help in the development.

So what are your ideas for anti fungal zombie evolution?

Some of mine are :

Stationary zombie “growth” that propagates antifungal mist of sorts, that kills fungus and everything else at that point. Sort of smoking zombie.

Blob corrupted fungaloids, Mycus is capable of killing blob in the host, but what about if host have more blob that it can handle or a fungoloid stumbles across big blob and is taken over. These would spawn a corrupted version of fungus, think cancer, that would convert fungal bed and slowly kill them.

Some sort of radiation zombie, that simply kills everything that cant resists the radiation.


Flamethrower zombie would do the job quite well if they had a chance every couple of turns in combat to twitch the finger that is holding the trigger of their flamethrower. I’m not saying they can use it, just that it sometimes accidentally goes off and sets alight a random tile due to inherited muscle memory or something.

That said I don’t think it would be a hard thing to implement an anti-fungal enemy. Just copy the enemy template and swap the effects of the fungal bloom tower with fungicide, make it mobile or keep it stationary for your needs, remove the weakness from fungicide, give it a new description, name, and accompanying stats/drops, change its butcher results from the fungus to a zombie, sneak it into the spawns and voila! Probably all through json too.

Although, a flesh-based spreading infection that could fight or hold off the fungus might be a neat addition in my opinion. Think Prototype. That stuff was growing like vines and trees, and it was all a virus that messed with animal cells to the point of rapid mutation. Veins, skin, meaty masses everywhere. The plants will bear heart and organ-like fruit, still pumping blood or performing their function when you plucked them. Until eventually you’re living on one giant organism that’s spreading to cover the planet. Or you can torch it to the ground if you don’t like it, as we always do.

TBF, Blobs themselves are anti fungal.

According to the lore (and iirc) the blob is the top dog, since the earth dimension is on auto mode, as the last time it put its attention on it, it took like a week to make the cataclysm

I know that, but currently fungus is the to dog of the game, gameplay wise at least, so wanted to do some brainstorming on new mobs for blob side.

Don’t forget the zombies aren’t the blob. Part of the reason it doesn’t stop the mycus from stealing its zombies is that it doesn’t appear to care about minor things like that. If you watched a cold virus attacking human cells on a microscopic level, you might similarly conclude the virus is more powerful than the human since the human never steps in to stop it.

That said, I have long had plans to let necromancers and masters recover fungalized zombies. I just have to code the spell, the capabilities are all there.


you could make standard blob able to consume fungaloid/tiles the same way they consume zombies sometimes creating more blob in the process