Blazemod blob parts help!

Hi, I’m trying to add descriptions for all the blazemod blob vehicle parts.

Does anyone out there know how those parts are supposed to work? Most of them are fairly straightforward analogues of standard parts (frames, wheels, seatbelts, boards, doors) but gel lamps, gel batteries, gel generators, and queens are confusing. If you know how to make a successful blob vehicle, please write a few words on how it all comes together.

For the love of all things unholy, why is the amorphous heart also a turreted weapon? It’s intentional, I guess (Vehicle Additions Pack (Updated December 8)) but I really feel that was a bad decision that makes an already complicated thing break a bunch of basic assumptions about C:DDA vehicles.

Would anyone object to the amorphous heart losing the turret functionality, with that functionality moving to a new “gel spouter” spouterqueen item similar to the existing “gel spiker” razorqueen item? Then I could drop the stupid TURRET flag from the amorphous heart, and concentrate on how to make blobfeed into a fuel that the game accepts. Which will probably mean json’izing fuel options, but other than being tedious, that should be pretty straightforward.

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Well, the original author seems nowhere to be found.
I think everyone will agree that a working mod is better than the current broken one.
Do whatever you like then.

What I understand from translating the blob parts:
gel lamps -> headlight alternative
gel batteries -> car battery alternative
gel generators -> blob feed alternator
queen -> vehicle control alternative

Gel generator seems to me more like the minireactor, but feeding with gel feed isntead of plutonium.?