6441: 0.C-22345-ge9befa56ea (tiles): Warnings for type bfeedfuel

So I have this Harvest bug in newer 6447 and I decided to roll back to 6441 and still stumble upon this (happened after one of the updates, don’t remember which one though).

Chesthole had that yesterday when he was testing my milking stuff.

I think it was Blaze’s mod.

Its definitely blazemod. nothing else adds, uses, or even vaguely references blob feed.

You need to add "ammo_type": [ "bfeed" ] to AMMO node with id=bfeedfuelin \data\mods\blazemod\blaze_blob.json file.

The result node will look like this:

    "id": "bfeedfuel",
    "type": "AMMO",
    "category": "fuel",
    "name": "liquified blob feed",
    "name_plural": "bfeedfuel",
    "description": "Liquified blob feed, useful for fueling certain blob based vehicle parts",
    "weight": 50,
    "volume": 1,
    "price": 40,
    "price_postapoc": 800,
    "phase": "liquid",
    "container": "jerrycan",
    "material": "hydrocarbons",
    "fuel": { "energy": 35 },
    "symbol": "=",
    "color": "red",
    "ammo_type": [ "bfeed" ], 
    "count": 250,
    "stack_size": 250,
    "range": 4,
    "damage": 5,
    "pierce": 5

Please note that it will only remove warning - I don’t know what will be changed game wise.

The only thing that should change is that blob feed fuel should now be able to be loaded into other things, like a battery or bullet. But (at a cursory glance) nothing uses it as ammo.

I vaguely recall something like a gel shooter on debug mode, but nothing’s showing up on the crafting menu.

the blob feed is how you create blob vehicle parts, i forget the specifics and looking up the recipes isn’t the most help as it’s crafted sort of weirdly, but basically you make the feed then craft that into an intermediary part which (as far as i know) you let sit out and ferment sort of into the finished part more or less.

from what i know that’s the main use, not sure about others like weapon charges.

i’ve made one of the vehicles with it before, was kinda neat.