Are these the intended behavior of Blazemod blob parts?

I just started playing with blob vehicles in Blazemod. I found a few behaviors that seem less than straightforward, but I’m not sure whether this is how everything is supposed to work since these aren’t regular vehicles anyway. Tested with the version that comes with experimental 7113. Tested with new world with only DDA and Blazemod activated.

Liquified blob feed is heavy. Each portion is crafted from 1 blob feed (0.05kg) and 1 water (0.25kg), but the product of 250 units weights 12.5kg. A gray tank (cocoon 25L) of the stuff weights over a ton. I really suspect this is a bug.

Amorphous core (the cockpit/engine/turret thing) cannot control gel lamps (blob headlight) by itself. An extra electronic control unit can be installed on top of it to control lamps.

Amorphous core again. As a turret it expends all loaded ammo (water). Then it can only be reloaded from water containers, instead of drawing from water tanks like the water cannon. If will always attempt to attack and there is no way to set it to manual. It doesn’t show up on the “set turret targeting modes” menu.

“Gel lamp” and “directed gel lamp” both seem to work as headlights and needed to choose a direction when installed. The names sound like the “gel lamp” should be more like interior light or floodlight.

Gel generator (installed from gelectrode): It takes batteries as refill, as in the batteries item used by flashlights etc. When “turn on reactor” is chosen without filing the generator it immediately shuts off. However when turned on with some battery charge, it continues to charge itself as well as other battery parts indefinitely, seemingly without consuming anything.

That’s all the strange stuff I found so far. I wonder if anyone with experience of playing with blob vehicles can give some advice. Did I do anything wrong or is there a new version available somewhere?

Blazemod has been abandoned a while ago, it’s been running on backup power for a long time now. Blobcar and diamond/vortex parts have been left half-done for the most part. There was a fork of blazemod that attempted to fix everything by removing blob fuel and making amorphous hearts run on batteries, it was a lot more straightforward.
Basically it’s a good idea, but it’s been left half done for a long time.
On my end I tried to simplify it even more, to the point it’s almost comically simple. Slimy solar arrays act as giant solar panels and storage batteries, the engine has been jacked up and the turret function has been completely removed, part durability has been supercharged (the idea was to make them repair over time but I lack the ability to package code additions with a mod, maybe I’ll work something with LUA in the future) and every part has the same durability, so gelatinous masses and metalloid parts are just an aesthetic choice.
The downside is that it’s only craftable with mutagenic serum with really high cooking and the amorphous heart has been moved to a new, high-end mutagen book, so that means it’s an endgame-tier car that you can only make when you’re ready to break into a lab (or several labs). Possibly it might even be a lab-end reward, but that might make it way too rare.

Thanks a lot! Do you have a link to your version? I’ve also started making my own. I just like the idea of blob vehicles and want to drive around in something completely blob based.

There’s a thread in the Lab called “Ascension” which is a mod that adds a bunch of stuff, the blazemod edits are part of the mod. Just cherrypick the recipe_blob_A file from the Winning_DDA folder, put it in the blazemod_A folder and use that. If you want to use the tanks mod too just edit the mod ID to “blazemod” and delete the original blazemod folder shipped with the game.