Black gunpowder charge's fuse time a way too short to evade

There’s one explosive called “Black gunpowder charge” works like C4 bomb, except it’s fust time a way too short to evade, like 2 rounds, the blast range is like a grenade size, and if you can’t run away in 2 rounds, you will died, and unlike grenade or dynamite, you can’t throw on a long distance, due to it’s heavy weight, this making runing away is impossibility action, because it only have 2 rounds to detonate, the only way to detonate this charge on a safefy way, is drop the charge while driving a vehicle on a high speed, otherwise, there’s impossibility that people can detonate it while on foot.

(Now I found out I can detonate it with remote pod, I think there’s no problem at all.)

Thanks for the PSA. I was tempted to turn out a bunch of these instead of waiting for the resources to start making TNT.

Meant to set it to this initially, but missed a value.