Explosives seem bugged, or I have extremely bad luck

Every time i set an explosives timer and drop it, it doesnt go off for a really long time. I go out for a multiple hour expedition into other parts of the map while waiting for my c-4 on that bank vault to detonate? Doesnt matter, it goes off the second I get within the blast radius, and I die instantly. It made me so. damn. Angry that i lost another successful character to it. The only solace is it seems no matter what you spawn in the same place so I can get my stuff back on a new character and pretend nothing was lost but my skills. But if this really is a bug, please look into it. If its bad luck… Well, okay, but this has happened multiple times., though before only on test characters when i was playing with debug commands, albeit to a lesser extent (typically only going off when in earshot so I go deaf).

Not sure if there’s a bug involved or not, but keep in mind the timer on C4 is in turns, which means each one is 6 seconds, or moving over one tile in standard conditions. It also probably won’t tick down if you wander off so that it isn’t inside the reality bubble, so the timer will pause if you move too far away. Unless the blast radius is the size of the reality bubble (unlikely) you probably just have bad luck.

A bit of minor testing on my ends suggests it’s working fine.

Ear protection is often found in tanks and gun shops. You can also make some less effective items too.

Test a toon and spawn some stuff into you test world. Set the time low and go higher each test. This way you will understand if things are bugged or just bad luck or not understanding how to get these items working.

Either way, report back if you would be ok with that and tell everyone. I do. Some hate that, but this is a forum with a purpose =D

Were you teleporting with debug when you left? Time stops for anything not in the reality bubble I think. So if you are setting the timer and porting out, when you come back its like it never began counting down.

I was not using the debug teleport. I just wandered south to an electronics store, found it was one of the locked down CBM filled ones, and decided to wander off to the neighboring sporting goods stores instead., which should have taken me quite a long time. That bank was practically my neighbor, so it not being in my reality bubble just doesnt make sense (the first house i looted had a shady basement)

I have to assume it’s something to do with your timer setting. I found around 40-60 works well at giving you enough time to get away while not having to wait too long for the boom.