The blast range a completely out of control

Report, after a few new version on the game, I have notice a few blast range from grenades(or mabye there’s even more) have a hugh blast range that will hurt me from a very long distance,

I threw grenade at the zombie groups inside the van, and blast hurt me like 50 HP on my torso, at first, I thought is was the car explosion hitting me, but later, I tried threw other grenade on the outside field, and keep distance like 30 tiles away, and it still hurting me while detonate, my arms has lost 30 HP for that,

later, I was use sniper rifle take down a grenadier just outside the city, and when it’s self destruct, he can still hurt me even in a 56 tiles away!!! my arm is once again, lost 30 HP, and even my car was taking damage, a lot part was became yellow level,

So, what just happen on those blast range? how could a grenade hitting you that far??? this is probably the most serious glitch I ever seen.

I noticed a similar issue when I was stopped inside my pickup truck. I was about a full map tile away from a minefield that some zombies were walking though. Each explosion damaging my vehicle to the point of making it inoperable.

There have been recent changes to how explosions work, including their ranges. I don’t know enough about the system to give any idea as to why it’s happening. But the vehicle damage, at least, appears to be a known issue.


is the last(?) piece of the fragmentation overhaul, it fixes the performance problem that randomly triggers, and reduces the size and therefore damage of fragments. It also makes them less likely to break structures and vehicles, and makes fragment velocity drop off faster with distance.

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Is this why my hyper-velocity driver keeps mysteriously damaging multiple pieces of my car?

if it causes an explosion that has a fragment component, it’s likely.

Thanks I was trying to figure out why this kept happening

yeah I’ve faffed about with some debug even with insane throw skill hard to sprint out of the blast range so far only been able to survive with teleport

Go around a corner, walls stop fragments really well.

I know botching a throw is plausible. But how plausible is it really to be ready to toss and then drop the grenade on your own tile or 1 tile away?

I have this happen a lot…sadly. =(

Even with lvl1

Take it from somebody who has done real-life grenade training: extremely likely. Short throw is a common problem for rookies.


Now the blast are fixed, but only to create a new problem, this time, the fragments fly all over the place, you can even getting hurt while you sitting inside the vehicle, the fragments just somehow fly through your vehicle armor, and hitting you directly,

I just create a turret called “gel spiker”, it works like grenade launcher but you can only shoot on 19 tiles, and here’s the problem, because the explosion can create fragments flying around, I don’t even have a time to escape on a safe place, so I just getting hit almost any time on the explosion, last time I almost cripple my left arm because of that, and my car taking damage too.

I think fragments affect the arena way to long, it should be little shorter than 15 tiles, sometime I can even getting hit by fragments on 20 tiles away, it’s insane.

I haven’t try the greande launcher yet, but I doubt I may suffer a lot damage by fragments.

Sounds like explosive fragments are not suffering nearly enough drag.

IRL most explosive fragments are very small and/or not nearly as aerodynamic as bullets. They suffer far greater atmospheric drag than a bullet would, and as such their effective range is far shorter for any given initial velocity.

This is generally true even if the blast that initially generated them is very powerful. They will be very deadly towards the epicenter in this case, but their velocity will still tend to drop off far more rapidly than an aerodynamic spin-stabilized bullet.

I just started like to use grenade launcher clean out the street, and this happen, now I’m still try to figure out if there’s anyway so I can just blow the crap out the enemy without killing myself, last time taking 69 damage from the fragments on the torso that create by gel spiker, such painful… now I’m nearly dying… dying by try to clean the blobs out the way…

What’s your armor like? I would definitely reccomend a good kit if you’re going to use explosives regularly at anything less than max range.

Meanwhile armored enemies like turrets and zombie grenadiers are almost invicible against grenades. A dynamit can’t open a metal lab door (i think it should). Explosives are strange…

That is not the point, you see? sure, I can wear heavy armor as much as I can (whichs I already did), so the fragments can just say bye bye to me, the problem is, even my car was make a military armour, it dosn’t stop the fragments getting inside and hit you, do you see? that’s the problem, as far as I can tell, you won’t be safe even you are far as 20 tiles away… or even further… probably…

I won’t waste a grenade or 40MM at those enemies, such thing I can take care with my sniper rifle far away, the bomb and rocket has no problem at all, the only problem for now, is this fragments system that freak prople out, you can getting hit in a very long distance, you can’t even taking cover by hiding inside the vehicles (with full armour upgrade, of coures, I choose the military armour, and it dosn’t stop the fragments at all, and I was hiding inside the APC) that things just come straight at you.

In lab i can rarely shoot a turret or a grenadier without a retaliation. Rockets are too dangerous because the narrow hallway. But at least fragments are stopped by the walls… All this strange behaviors are the result of the explosions revamp and sadly this problems are more than a month old now.

I think next time you going to lab, you may need a pistol or SMG or something that light weapon, so you can aim faster, so you won’t getting hurt at first, I doing that lot a time, and it work very well, funny story to tell, last time I shoot a raider on a outpost, and after I shooting him first, that guy just started shooting a bunch bullets at me, and the things is, non of those bullets hit me… they all spread all over the place… then I gun him down.