Big bionic?

Maybe for the females a breast size modifier bionic? Making males more friendly, but while having it on it increases torso encumbrance by 5? No joke

Cataclysm is, thus far, a gender neutral game. I’d like it to stay that way kthx.

Also seriously? Seriously?



Seriously? Seriously?

No, but seriously?


Let’s not make the game sexist.

I want a bitch tits mod as well.
Makes guys have enc 5
Girls stare a lot

Make the game sexist? It’s a serious suggestion and I’m not sure men would want to have a breast size implant…Ouch…

Definitely giving a +1 to this. It’s too potentially funny not to.

At minimum, I’d want tracking for partner-preference before bionic/mutation enhancements to sexual anatomy.

I’d agree that the idea as proposed seems objectifying at best. I wouldn’t want to find a penis/bust enhancer in the Lab finale.

I already have things like this in my mod.

But github doesn’t like my email.

[quote=“gtaguy, post:8, topic:735”]I already have things like this in my mod.

But github doesn’t like my email.[/quote]


I can’t upload, rather sad considering.

Does it work on windows as-is? Cos if so, then just put it on dropbox or something and paste us the link.

It’s rather buggy.

I will see about bug removal.

big breasts in an ASCII game?
I think I can see where this is heading.


Really, humanity? Wow… That’s pretty pathetic.

What have I created…

With any luck in the over looking of the codes, I would be able to put this on mu male character and increase friendliness with everyone.

This is clearly a sexist suggestion as there is no option provided for male characters to increase the size of certain male anatomy.

Oh and it’s oversexualization of females in video games[/mandatory line]

But, sexism is speaking in a derogatory way about the OPPOSITE sex. I am male. I have not said anything bad about females here nor mentioned men. And if so butt-hurt, have a penis size modifier CBM, no difference to me.

[move]@ Angreh people! HELP![/move]

Ahem, not just that. Sexism is demeaning women also.

I’d say this would make sense IC, but would work much better as an “increased attractiveness” bionic rather then the rather… controversal state it is now. Besides, wouldn’t the penis size modifier CBM be completely useless since people don’t exactly look at your dick (which would need to be exposed for this to make sense or large enough to make a bump) and go “Yep… this guy’s trustworthy”?