Cataclysm DDA in space?

I was thinking a game like this could have a lot of potential as a game similar to Dead Space.
Of course, not likely to happen.
But being on a space ship and having the same crafting capabilities and zombies, etc would be pretty awesome.

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I think i’ve seen one or two similar but nothing with the depth of Cdda.

Yeah, unfortunately this game seems like it’s going to getting updates, bug fixes, upgrades, indeterminately. Would be nice to see some kind of end goal the devs are trying to move towards, but if there is, it’s long in the distant future.

o_o One of my long term goals is to mod Necromorphs into Cataclysm. They would ‘consume’ corpses to create additional necromorphs. Deal primarily cut damage, love to grapple, etc.

I’m not really equipped to do that, currently, though.

I’ll keep my thoughts on a spaceship to myself, but it’s an intriguing idea.

Necromorphs would be cool. But specified location damage would have to be implemented.

If you mean targeting specific limbs on them, yeah, I don’t think that’s doable. I don’t think monster’s ‘have’ body parts to target. It’s a glaring issue with a direct conversion from Dead Space to Cataclysm.

And I’m only about a month into learning to code, so that’s well beyond my current abilities. x_x

Well, should be viable with some extra work. After all, PCs and NPCs have limb health. So I don’t see why monsters can’t. Some monsters already have compatible designs. Such as the crawling zombie.

Right, PCs and NPCs do, but monsters don’t. It’s implementable, I just don’t know how to do it.

A ‘crawling zombie’ is just a slow zombie. The leglessness of it is just a much lower speed attribute.

If you consider a spacefaring apocalipse, you should think about how would you implement oxygen and other gases.

Yeah, I know how crawling zombies are done. I think the reason it’s not implemented in the game already is the amount of stored memory that would have to be used for each body part. It would be like having 6x the amount of data storage for each creature on the map.

I actually considered making a game similar to Dead space with heavy survival mechanics. The oxygen levels on the space station would be implemented by rerouting the life support to different zones using computer skills.

I know its not really what you want but ever seen Space Station 13? It has SOME of the required prerequisite options.

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Looks very similar to the kind of game I was thinking. I might have to check out the game mechanics.

It is a glorious game but not for ones with weak wills as you do go up against other people and they can be frightening at times.

Too bad it’s multiplayer. I play on my laptop offline. I will have to play it some other time though. Seems like fun.

I’ve played it a couple of times now and… GLORY FOR CARGONIA!

I could appreciate the PvP aspects, but I’d enjoy a more cooperative based game.

Colonial Marines server

It can be a cooperative game like the time the revolutionaries turned the station into a russian one even the admins were into it

Lol, I’ve always been a decent team player. I like to think of myself as one of the best support gunner players there is. Throw me on a gunseat and I’ve always got my allies 6. I always enjoy either being a gunner or transport pilot in games.