Bibles, Books of Mormons, Torahs, Menorrahs, Branch Davidian's book of Christ

We’ve got the churchs, functional as they should be, but where are the books by these religious folks?!

Where’s the actual bible?!

Where’s yer Torahs, ye anti-semites?! WHERE’S YOUR HOLY BOOK OF MORMON, TRANSLATED IN 18XX BY JOSEPH SMITH USING THE URIM & THURRIM?! Calm down, grifter, yer reaching Time Cube levels of crazy here…

Let me start again…

Where are your actual religious texts in the game? We’ve got Time magazine, but not even a Watchtower pamphlet.

Furthermore, why is there only one non-denominational church, one without a book even?

Why aren’t there synagogues, demagogues, mosques, compounds, even?

Where’s the People’s Fortified Temple of Jones, with boarded up windows and ample meat inside, with a half full punch bowl you really shouldn’t drink out of?

Where’s the Compound of Koresh, half burnt out, corpses of ATF, and cultist alike? Plenty of guns, but lots of undead. Like a religious FEMA camp.

There was actually a big discussion some time ago about adding such books to the game.

The general consensus was that folks didn’t want to include them due to the risk of crossing people’s religious leanings. We do have churches in-game already, though, so the lack of those sort of texts seems rather odd.

I suppose we could revive the discussion in this thread and see what folks think of the idea.

Something tells me they will become fuel for campfires and people will get butthurt about it.

This was a big part of the argument against it.

I have to say though, if we use our brains and actually think about this angle for a moment:

Folks who burn them don’t have any right to complain. What, were they checking to see if it’s possible just so that they can complain that it is? Cannibalism is also possible in-game, but that doesn’t mean you have to engage in it, either.

And if they get butthurt over somebody else (whom they’ve never even met, nor ever will) burning a fictional copy of a holy text in their own private copy of a video game, they have no leg to stand on. That’d be like starting a flame-war with somebody on here because their character they play as at home is a cannibal.

We need those scientology books ingame. You know the soap operas about the Tethans and Xemu and all that.

I’m massively against self-censorship. Put em in I say.

I’ll PR it post-haste.


Only L. Ron Hubbard could put out such a thrilling bit of gibberish while popping greys and pinks out in Las Palmas.

Sure, it might have broke his mind and fried him insane, slashed his tires and tore out his brain, but he had to go that far.

To deliver the message. What message? I’m not sure. But they’re tax-exempt and have huge apocalypse bunkers.

Hell, they have titanium tablets ten feet tall, etched into them with acid, the words of a sc-fi writer turned self described prophet. Add them too.

but we have the holly play-boy, you heathens! I’ve been also searching for a USB stick filled with porn for ages, to start my own church.

More things to set ablaze on discovery.

That is equality! Without the right to set these things on fire, you’re discriminating against them by omission!

The post-apocalyptic anarchistic wasteland is a free country, you know.

If you want to burn your religious texts, feel free. But me, I might collect them, make a tower of safety and godliness from books, and then light it ablaze as a flaming candle of righteousness, to dissuade evil bible burners like you! NO QUARTER HERE FOR YER KIND! ALL OUR BOOKS ALREADY BEEN BURNT! NO VACANCIES, OR VAGRANCY!

Add them, if your ‘worried’ or ‘concerned’ about offending people, don’t be, nearly anything can and will offend some people.

Besides they make great bed tome reading and/or perfect for cooking tins of spam over.

A priest/preacher profession could be cool.

‘Soapbox Preacher’

You always said the end was nigh. Unfortunately, it seems God has chosen you for new trials.

Starts with:
small cardboard box
Pocket watch
Dress shoes
Cross/Blunt weapon.

Maybe a few points into speech.
I’d suggest a militant mullah one as well, but…

Profession: Padre Destino
Starts with his armored half-track

I hope we have the Ur-Quan in game.
I already make my survivors do Ramadan.

[quote=“gtaguy, post:15, topic:5015”]I hope we have the Ur-Quan in game.
I already make my survivors do Ramadan.[/quote]


Google reports that ‘Ur-Quan’ is some video game silliness.


The Ur-Quan are kinda neat I guess, but it would be MUCH cooler to add the Zoq-Fot-Pik to the game. After all, they are the only known species to have discovered fire, the wheel, and religion in the same day. And we could add in Frungy! Frungy is awesome!

haha that’s great, I just took Ur-Quan at face value as an insinuation that game fans are religious nuts.

I find it funny that you have apparently typed Ur-Quan enough times that spell check would use it over the real world “Quran”.