Best Sword to give Diamond Coating to?

I recently came into possession of enough Hydrogen Canisters to coat whatever I desire in Diamond. So I wanted some ideas! Should I do one of those swords you can light on fire? Maybe a Nodachi? I’m not sure how damage on swords is calculated (for example, the Zweihander does 17 Base and 40 Cut), so that’s good information to know.

I’d say that whatever sword you would use the most is the best to get coated.

–Wait, what is Diamond Coating and how do you get it? I assume it makes a weapon more durable (and looks cooler in your imagination). If so, I’d love to have a sturdier wood axe for cyberplant Keith that is studded with diamonds, cuz bling and swag.

Well, if you have Hydrogen Canisters (a rare drop in labs or on dead soldiers) and some carbon (charcoal or coal) and a CVD machine (a certain Lab Finale), you can coat certain metal weapons in diamond, increasing their cutting damage.

I’m thinking of getting myself a Diamond Nodachi, personally.

Hardest part is finding a working CVD that doesn’t get blown to pieces.

Nodachi + Niten Ichi-Ryu is probably the highest damage you can get, assuming you have good skills and can get the special attacks to go off semi-regularly. The only problem is it’s fairly slow.

The halberd is probably the most versatile weapon due to having reach.

The broadsword has the one of the highest DPSs AND it can be used with fencing which has awesome counters so you can defend yourself even while doing things.

If you want versatility, get a sword bayonet and diamond coat that. Then, attach it to a gun and diamond coat the gun. That should give about 170% damage, if my math is right and you can actually do that. That would put it on par with most swords, so your gun is now also a sword. Gunsword, swordgun. Except awesome. Pick a good gun though, and be sure to take all the mods off (except the bayonet) before diamond coating it, since that will increase the volume (and amount of hydrogen you need).

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There’s a martial art that works with the zweihander too isn’t there?

There is, Medieval Swordsmanship. Only problem is that it’s more focused on special and defensive moves. It doesn’t have anything that really increases damage like Niten.

Did some testing on the diamond coating idea. You can coat the bayonet, making it on par with a broadsword in damage but slower. Coating the gun itself doesn’t affect damage, but it’s still kinda cool having a diamond A7 laser rifle. It’s possible that it will also improve durability, but I wouldn’t count on it.

It’s worth noting that a bayoneted rifle also gets reach attacks, and a diamond sword bayonet is about on par with a halberd. If you have the equipment and decent rifle skills, that’s probably the most versatile option, if not the highest DPS.

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Can’t I just coat the Bayonet and then attach it to my gun?

You can, but I was hoping coating the gun as well would give the damage boost twice. Turns out it doesn’t.

Something I want to add: Most of the sword sprites on Chesthole are incomplete, and don’t show the character properly holding the blade, which is a massive turn off for me.

If anyone knows a Tileset (that’s not RetroDays) that properly shows held weapons, that’d be great.

MShock and MShock Xotto.

It takes more resources the bigger the weapon, and while it’s easy to craft charcoal, hydrogen cells are uncraftable sci-fi magic unobtanium and super-rare to spawn. So while it’s tempting to just say that you should go with the weapon with the highest dps, it might be better just to buff a small weapon like a survivor machete than to try to scour the world for enough hydrogen cells to coat a big one.

…What about Hydrogen Cells is “Magic”? Definitely unobtanium, but grounded in realistic principles. No magic involved.

Also, I have 75 Hydrogen Cells. It’s literally not a problem. Also, that point is counterproductive: By that logic, I’d want to wait until I had enough Hydrogen Cells to coat what I wanted so I don’t end up with a weapon that ends up being surpassed by a mundane version of a later weapon.

While there’s something to be said for the Machete with Eskrima/Pentjak Silat, that’s mainly good for early to mid game before it’s completely outclassed by the endgame melee weapons. Your best bet is to pick the best weapon(s) you have, or atleast the one you like best, and coat that once you have enough stuff. Especially considering 2-3 canisters is enough to coat basically anything.

Solid room temperature hydrogen in a light-weight container. It doesn’t technically violate any of the classic laws of physics, but I’m fairly certain you can’t build the container out of atoms. Anyway, it wouldn’t behave as described even if you could get it. So it’s magic, but we call it “hydrogen cells” instead of “wingardium leviosa” because we’re sci-fi, not fantasy.

It would need an exceptionally strong container, but it’s doable. Whether the canister ingame is anywhere near heavy or big enough might be worth discussing, but it’s possible that there isn’t that much hydrogen in there anyway, just enough that a inch or so of steel or “superalloy” could contain it.

Which behaviour would that be? Use in plasma-based weaponry or used to cover surfaces in diamonds? It’s a bit sci-fi magicy, but it’s more-or-less grounded in science.

Partwise usability, non-volatility, and plasma weaponry. Although long-range plasma weaponry is magic, anyway, so I don’t know if that one counts.

Diamond film deposition would use hydrogen, sure, but more like the kind you get from water for your 6th grade science fair.

It should be reasonably non-volatile if kept under enough pressure, which is what I imagine the canister is there for. Long range plasma is kinda gimmicky, but it’s possible they worked out something we haven’t yet, plus it’s kind of a staple for epic sci-fi awesomeness.

Hydrogen is hydrogen. I imagine the point of the solid hydrogen is just being able to have lots in a very small container, and possibly purity and ease-of-use instead of having an electrolysis machine sitting next to the CVD machine. Having said that, I’m sure the main point of the Hydrogen canisters is just to give players something rare to find that gives them something awesome if they collect enough. A flat 30% damage bonus is pretty sweet, all things considered.

I remember putting diamond coating on artifact weapons. Pretty neato.
Observe: sword%20artifact

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