This hurt my brain for several seconds until I realized…

One foot in the grave and a grin on his face…The results of my drug fueled testing frenzy for my recent PR. Drugs are bad m-kay?

Oh…lol I forgot to add the link in the OP…wait here it is.

That’s okay, I failed three times in a row to make my reply in “EVILSCRIPT”

Don’t you mean MSPaint? Or is drawing something else puush can do? where’s that icon…

What where you up against? And what drugs did ya take… and which one are you working on?

I was about to be mauled by a horde who somehow managed to surround me while I stood there for hours taking drugs and then letting them wear off. I fixed the bug evilexecutive posted in the garage. Or at least I think I did. I’m a lot more confident about this attempt than the last one.

I took all the adrenaline until I was on the verge of a heart attack, more meth than was seen in breaking bad and enough cocaine to kill an english rock star. If you could see my characters eyes they would be open so wide you’d be able to see inside the socket.

Cool… Git, or more correctly code frys my brain.

I’m wondering if your character breaks out into a full sprint s/he will easily run so fast they they’d tunnel through space and time

Mine too. It’s like running wind sprints until you puke, but with your brain. I still have trouble with moving branches around on my pc too.