Batch Crafting

Make all the recipes for ammo and such be for like one or two pieces, and allow all crafting recipes to be ordered in batches.

Why? There’s a ‘repeat’ button for recipes.

Repeat is still annoying, especially when I want to say make 6 clean water or 40 arrows. It wouldn’t be so bad when you can only use enter to select in most menus.

Huh. I hadn’t known about the repeat recipe button. Still needs batch crafting though.

There is a batch crafting option. I believe the key is unbound by default, but once you assign a key to it, you basically keep crafting until you run out of supplies or tell it to stop.

I never knew there was batch crafting. Was a pain to bring up the menu over and over!

I believe it’s called scripting, not “batch jobs”. It should be implemented to do simple things automatically, like pick up everything (with prompt), run [there], open all doors and look in etc; but also having better outfit control, which is already a part of many RLs and MMOGs.

Slightly ot, but since we’re discussing repetition, is there a repeat last command key? Like for when you’re trying to pry open a door and fail the first time.

I usually just change the inventory letter of my crowbar to something easy to reach (like “r”) and mash “a”, “r” quickly. All the common tools that I activate on a regular basis (knives to cut up rags/leather, lighters, aspirin, bandages) I change the inventory letter to something easy-to-remember and easily accessed by my left hand after I mash “a” with my pinky.

Batch crafting would still be nice.