Recall terrain in current cdda game

Hey guys,
i got a problem in my current save.
The game will not recall the terrain anymore. Got that game part removed? did i hit the wrong key?

Any Ideas?


I think { turns it on and off.

Thank you very much!

That’s such an obnoxious keybinding. Why is it even on a key toggle and not in options? The auto actions makes sense to have on a key toggle, but why would I ever NOT want to remember the terrain for a little while? I imagine it increases overhead and introduces lag on slower pcs, so a toggle in the options menu makes sense there. /rant

Seriously, I’ve seen this same topic about a half dozen times since the change, one of them I wrote myself.

I think it can be used to determine how much you are actually seeing at night, rather than the recalled areas, because it can be hard to tell depending on the lighting. I haven’t turned it off myself, nor did I know that was the key to do so, but thought I read that thing about night and recall somewhere recently.