Banned from discord Server

Gnoming is a meme. He was memeing. It was a harmless message from the start. It may not have been in the appropriate channel, I myself don’t know, but is it seriously that big of a deal? It was one (1) meme link that looked like a ROBLOX face and now he has to prove himself to be let back in? Give me a break. You guys are overreacting.


Dragging my mouse cursor over your link shows: rolled1581.6te…

Looks like a random generated link created by some spamming software. The same ones created by people who spam our emails. You know, the ‘from addresses’ that contain a mixture of numbers and letters. Look familiar?

Lets look at it from another point of view. You say it’s off topic so it should be allowed to be in that forum. With this logic you can do that meme thing for all off topic forums. Wouldn’t that be the same as spamming?

If you’re human and behaving in a manner that is similar to a spam bot, then its essentially same thing.

I’d say the ban is justified.

PS - I don’t know your history on the CDDA discord server. However if your first post or one of your initial posts (without mentioning anything related to CDDA) was that meme thingy, then it doesn’t look good…


It is a big deal. Once you allow this type of behavior then others will follow suit. Then the forums will be full of this stuff, wasting server storage and time (doing cleanup).


This is ridiculous. It’s 100% age and culture clash. I mean, c’mon, the kid posted it in “off-topic.” What off-topic channel have any of you seen where a meme is so obviously out of bounds that you get insta-banned for it? That’s ludicrous.

And he’s been clear enough about what happened. Sure, he doesn’t realize you guys aren’t savvy to gnome links. And sure, he didn’t answer every question thrown at him by the 5-6 people that weighed in on the thread. But give me a break. He’s now essentially banned because he doesn’t speak exactly in the way you guys want him to speak, smh.

If you haven’t sussed this out on your own, he’ s a kid. I say that based on the link. I’m an admin of a anti-FlatEarth Discord with a few thousand active members and those gnome links are the current rage for our High School set. I find them (and pretty much all memes) annoying so they all know to post them in the… wait for it… “off-topic channel.”

And, look, even if you disagree with the core of what I’m saying; there’s no way that posting that should be an instaban and the fact that this review didn’t end with Granade checking out the link, unbanning hm and telling him not to post gnome links is beyond me.

Look, I mean no offense, but sometimes we all get things wrong and I’m telling you, you guys got this one wrong.


Getting banned from a Discord server is one of the best things that can happen to anyone, ever. Almost as good as getting banned from Facebook. Don’t use Discord, kids. It’s bad for you.


The discord is not a place to chat about the game and whatever else you feel like, even to the extent that the discourse site (here) is. The development discord is specifically for discussing the game and development of the game. If you want to socialize and spam meme posts (or monty python references, or political diatribes, whatever) at people, do it somewhere else.

Maybe you want to moderate a multi-thousand user chat server where nothing is off topic, Feel free to invite EMBEAM to your server, but I’m trying to write a game, not run a daycare.

He’s been invited to contribute to discussion of the game here. If he does that, we’ll lift the ban. If not, then why would we want to have another person to potentially police in the off-topic channel who isn’t contributing to the game?

comes in, reads many good arguments, can’t decide where I stand on the subject…goes back to working on Sprite art


pretty much. For the past few days ive woken up and felt slightly differently each day, about this lol

Yeah, 'cause telling the kid not to post that stuff sounds so much like running a day care. But hey, no big deal, we all know that teenagers couldn’t possibly contribute to a games dev server. I mean it’s not like the industry was built on the genius of high school kids. Unless you count Mechner, Carmack, Garriot, Wright and the other couple dozens famous ones… hell, Romero was like 13 when he was publishing income generating games. God forbid, someone like those knuckleheads could sneak in and say something immature.

PS. You don’t want off-topic chat in your discord? Cool. But then maybe then you shouldn’t have a channel called off-topic chat.


I m not sure a kid would dig up meme from 10 years ago. Alqo the point is not wether or not a teenager can contribute, the point is that particular user got mistaken for a spam bot, did not contribute anything and got banned.

I was originally on EMBEAM’s side, I figured he’d get unbanned almost immediately and we’d have a chat on the discord about why he feels all caps are appropriate ( If he’s truly a young teen, he should be aware of the connotations of all caps, it’s kinda what they do nowadays ). But EMBEAM’s answers to the questions directed at him were all short and oblique, they never seemed to be actually engaged in the conversation. Justifying his actions by repeatedly saying it’s a gnome link (as if that should excuse everything, instantly) told me that they didn’t really understand what the offense was. My support began wavering with this line:

:wink: its not an advertisement, its a gnome link

I don’t really understand why they were banned in the first place (maybe there were multiple warnings?) This seems like something a mod should have given a warning for, not a ban, but I don’t know what happened on the discord. All I can see on discord is they joined the discord for about 4 days:

Do ALL a users chats get deleted when they’re banned? If not, this gnome link was literally the ONLY thing they ever posted here. EMBEAM had the opportunity to talk it out here, but instead they got butthurt and sarcastic and STILL wouldn’t address the issue. Mlangsdorf offered an out and EMBEAM responded in typical upset teen fashion by lumping the entire community together into one big trash pile before stomping out of the room. They lost my support with this line:

Damn, trashy community

At this point, I don’t care if they come back or not. There are ways to conduct yourself in polite society. I welcome EMBEAM to come back and actually join in the discussion. It’d be great if they became a great contributor and rubbed our noses in it every day. But if the above is an example of the level of discourse we can expect, I won’t miss them. I can only imagine the shitshow conversations in github when someone critiqued a PR they submitted…That’s a headache I wouldn’t wish on anyone, I’d rather the dev’s spent their time working through the issue backlog instead of handholding someone who belongs on a minecraft server, hoping for the day their genius manifests in an amazing PR contribution.
Were a lot of the devs ITT a bit harsh and dismissive? Sure. They’re not moderators (despite being forced to act as such), I don’t expect a great deal of empathy or patience for nonsense from them. But EMBEAM passed up multiple opportunities to talk TO us rather than AT us or ABOUT us. I’m willing to pass up the remote possibility that this is the next ‘Mechner, Carmack, Garriot, Wright or Romero’. Maybe we missed an opportunity here and we’ll be reading about the great EMBEAM creating a blockbuster. I guess we’ll just have to live with that.

p.s. This one got away from me…hopefully I haven’t offended anyone too much, but whatever…These are my thoughts, enjoy them.


I said I’m not running a day care, instead if people misbehave I just tell them to go away.

I don’t know if they’re a teenager, I don’t care if they’re a teenager, I just care if they seem capable of having productive conversations about game development. I’m not going to tolerate spam on the off chance that someone is both a spammer and a potential contributor.

That’s a different discord, this is their post history on the dev discord other than the “Gnome link”

Based on this conversation history, I initially thought they were a spambot (because the gnome link was disguised as commercial spam, the “Silly Skeleton” link they eventually posted) and banned them. then they showed up here to contest the spam and:

  1. Started off by lying about having posted recently, which is a great way to get things back on track.
  2. Were evasive, intentionally or not, about what they had posted.
  3. Argued about whether the link in question was spam instead of accepting the feedback they were given.
  4. Insulted people instead of discussing the issue.

This is easily an additional two warnings worth of bad behavior.

Thanks for clearing things up Kevin. The fact that he was posting memes to the DEVELOPMENT discord puts a whole different spin on things and explains the wording of some of your earlier posts. I’ve been thinking he posted this stuff in the players discord which was the reason I initially felt the ban was over the top.

Somehow I missed that little fact or it wasn’t mentioned…Anyway, goodbye, EMBEAM, we hardly knew ye.

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So he got banned for posting link that looked like ads and insulting people, but not because of meme? It should’ve been made clear long ago and would save us the discussion of whether meme can be posted on discord. This thread appeared in the newest posts almost everyday. Very annoying.

I feel ya. The player discord has channels that are basically nothing but memes. If I’d known he was in the development discord, the discussion would have been a lot shorter. Oh…sorry, it’s back in newest posts again :stuck_out_tongue:

Both. If I had mistaken a link about IDK a pertinent game review or something for spam, I would have reversed the ban, but instead I mistook a link for one kind of spam (meming) for another kind of spam (advertising spam), and by the time I was able to find that out, they had already done several other things that make me disinclined to reverse the ban.

I don’t think the fact that meme shitposting is grounds for a warning, and if repeated a ban, was ever in question, the discussion revolved around people disagreeing that shitposting should be grounds for action.

Hell, it’s a matter of security - it can take just one click on a link and you could get malware from a malicious website.