My discord account got hacked and turned into a bot

hello guys, i wanted to first apologize for any issues caused on discord while i had no access to it. account security is of course on the end user, and i apologize for issues caused on discord or links sent out ect while i had no access.

i also wanted to ask if i can ever return to the discord once i am 100 percent certain my computer is bug free and i have full control over the account. i hope no one has clicked any links sent out while i had no access, and i hope people can learn from this, and know that no matter how much you try and prevent issues, issues can and will occur in this day and age. i have no clue where else to post this, so i apolgoize. i hope everyone does well regardless, and i know admins were doing their job removing me from the discord for it, but at this time, i assume i have full ontrol over my account now, and am certain there will not be issues going forward. sorry for the scam links sent out while i was napping, and sorry for any issues they caused

You should be unbanned now.