Banned from the chatroom?

Last night I was in the chatroom chating like normal when my internet flipped out and lost connection and tryed to reconnect a few times but it didnt work. So I log in this morning and its says im banned now. If some one could provide some answers that would be good.

Didn’t notice anything buggy or actions on chatmember’s parts. I’ve had kick problems before due to illegal characters in names. Like, my connection name was @APSCI!.chatzillablabla and the ! kept me out of chat, even though my username was just Pthalocy.

You didn’t fiddle with any other settings while offline, did you?

I’ve also gotten kicked/banned for joining a chat and posting a link to something of mine before talking, and got mislabelled a bot.

I’d pm one of the mods.

I think it may have banned me for trying to join so many times (cause my internet was fliping out at the time)

Apparently you were banned for ignoring several warnings. I’ve sent you the details on who to take it up with if you want the ban lifted at some point, so hopefully you work it out. I wasn’t there, but will trust the mods judgement.

Hey if some one in the chat could point him to this thread that would be great I dont know if the /msg is working too well

This has been resolved can a mod please close this.