Bad's Bunches of Barrels - V.1.2.1 - MOD

Howdy guys, let me get right to the meat of this mod…

This Mod is focused around the construction of the barrel and drum objects of the game into grab-able furniture objects which can store liquids and dispense them, while being able to be refilled and moved around.

Currently, there are three types of barrels which can be made:

Metal Oil Drum = Made from 55 Gallon Drum: No longer flammable!

Plastic Barrel = Made from 30 Gallon Drum: Not flammable, but better if you don’t want your water to catch on fire.

Wooden Barrel = Made from Wooden Barrel: Self Explanatory

Red Hazard Barrel = Explosive Barrel that can be used for traps!

Download Link:


Use the construction menu to make them.

Reccomended to empty the barrel before deconstructing it.

To fill a barrel, you must stand over it and empty a container that has in it whatever liquid you want inside of the barrel. You drop that into the ground. To fill a container from the barrel, the function is the same as using a gas station. Just press “e” in it’s direction.

Using the barrels, you can also pick up and loose liquids on the ground by walking over them with the barrel, this will store them inside the barrel.

Picking up two liquids at the same time is not recommended.

Red Hazard Barrel requires direct contact with fire to explode, radius is 4 - 5 blocks.

Wait, so a metal oil drum will explode no matter what’s in it? :stuck_out_tongue:


It happens, ever heard of lightning blasts? Water gets electrolyze and explodes because hydrogen.

It happens, ever heard of lightning blasts? Water gets electrolyze and explodes because hydrogen.[/quote]

Burning of hydrogen returns your water back, so no issue here! :slight_smile:


Well, how do I put this. I’ve not yet implemented the explosive barrel as being separate to the oil barrel. As such, no matter what liquid you put in it, if it catches fire it will explode. Working on that though, so don’t worry.

I found a quick little problem in your code. In the BBBB_construction you have 30gal_drum labeled instead as 30gal_barrel and it causes debug errors when trying to view the crafting recipe.

I saw that also when looking, I’ll patch that as quickly as possible. I’ll also look into making alternative recipes so that’s it’s not so troublesome.

Oh right, not all barrels explode equally now. So that’s a thing.

Can you craft directly from barrels?

They work a lot like lockers, so if you can see the materials inside you can craft.