55 gallon drums and no way to move them

Guess I made a dumb mistake letting these things fill up, but ive got 3 55 gallon drums of weak acid water. ive managed to move them off of my funnels by utilizing a bug with cabinets that makes them pick up items you push them over. now though, I have the issue of what to do with all this acid. I will probably keep one around to make concentrated acid for batteries and throwing at zombies, but what about the other two? I want to empty at least some of this stuff into some of my mobile water tanks, so I can re use the barrels, but gods are they heavy and bulky. the barrel I used for making good acid with “only” has 799 units in it, but it has a weight of 493.3 pounds and a volume of 825. are these barrels just a dead loss now until I can turn ALL the water into concentrated acid?

[edit] I guess I lied in the thread title, I did move them, but with a bug.
[2nd edit] make that four 55 gallon drums and a 30 gallon aluminum keg.

you can use / and choose the middle (5) option for your items, then go to the right screen and choose the desired direction (78946123) and hit enter to move the items, hit , to move all of the items at once

And to use 'em? Drop your weapon and grab it while poppin crack.

Using hose to siphon out of those has long been suggested, dunno if it was implemented or not.

Just grab them in your hands, you wont be able to walk far but you can walk.

Also, water carts work wonders (tank on casters)

Also, water carts work wonders (tank on casters)
It's funny to know there're only two types of liquid these tanks take: gasoline and CLEAN water. It's impossible to install filled tank (even when there's only 1 unit).


  1. use / to move those. (works with no problems)
  2. take them in da hand (you may get some damage due of overburdening)

I was in this situation once, a while ago. But they were to heavy to lift, I just wasn’t going to be able to hold them, but moving them with the advanced inventory manager was the solution, fortunately I had them close to where I needed them.

It’ll be slow, but possible.

[quote=“EditorRUS, post:6, topic:5930”]

Also, water carts work wonders (tank on casters)

It’s funny to know there’re only two types of liquid these tanks take: gasoline and CLEAN water.
It’s impossible to install filled tank (even when there’s only 1 unit).[/quote]

1)Right, what cock did THAT?
2) So? take in hand and fill up the cart.

can you still hold unlimited sized objects in your hands? If you can, just drop your weapon (plus any especially heavy equipment you’re carrying, preferably where you won’t get any acid on it) then unload the drums onto the ground… At least you’ll never run out of acid for acid bombs now…

Yup. But you can’t lift really heavy things.

it just occured to me that I could use this stuff for another purpose, lots of corpses and various garbage lying around, and seeing as how the acid from spitters can completely dissolve corpses, I could put the stuff to use that way maybe?

Just smash the corpses to prevent revival. Butcher them if you want survival skill. The acid idea may be fun, but it’s really obnoxious to actually do it in the game. Far too many key presses.

I know to pulp them, I just wanted to know if I could use acid to do the same job. I plan on making a large pile and setting off an acid bomb on the pile.

Acid does indeed work, but it’s usually far easier to pour gasoline on and around the pile and light it on fire, you just have to stick around for a few minutes for them to burn.

This is a great time to catch up on your reading. I highly recommend Cucina Italiana. You already have the fire ready for barbecuing!

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