Back from a very long break

Hello fellow DDA players, I finally have decided to start getting back into this game once more, and I am wondering what has changed.
I left two years ago, If I remember correctly they added more car spawns on the last update I was on, that’s all I remember, and I was hoping somebody could give me a run down of what was added, is the game still being developed, any major controversy, but mostly what was added to the game after I left.
So, does anybody have a overview?

we have awesome must-have vehicle additions pack

we have sprinting and stamina, not realy big change

more everything

new firearms mechanisms (0.C stable have new aim system and now even magazines in experimentals)

some nice small changes

IMO game plays about the same if you go static spawn. Hordes change that at early game.
Otherwise, there are too many changes to absorb, but nothing ground-breaking (z-levels are still under development)

Best if you play it and report on your impressions :wink:

Alright guys, ill give it a try. should I use the stable download? or should I use the experimental. it seems the last post by Kevin on the main site was back in 2015, so i’m not sure that the stable download is accurate. which one should I start out on?

(are bows still OP?)

Play the experimental. I’m using bows currently and they’re not that powerful at 4 mark and 4 archery.

Experimental. Pretty stable and on the road to become the new stable. (but not nearly there yet afaik)

experimentals do not have much gramebreaking bugs and they are quickly fixed