Automatic vehicle water collection/purifier system

Basically something made out of a funnel, water purifier and some sheet metal you ould slap on to your vehicle. During rain, you could activate it to have it auto-purify rainwater and send it to the vehicle’s water tank (maybe make it automatically shut down once the tank is full). Obviously it would drain some vehicle battery power.


Been considered before; in practice the collection rate might be a bit slow but including the purifier makes it not completely out of the question.

I’ll take a slow collection rate over the tedious chore of hauling and boiling water, personally.

well i use the foodco to purify the contains of a steel barrel in one go and dump the whole stuff into the vehicles watertank eZ . Interesting idea anyway.

I have a vehicle liquid tank system rework waiting for 0.C to come out.

Once it’s in, writing a continuous purifier (ie. one that takes 1 unit of “water” and outputs 1 unit of “clean water” every x turns) would be really easy.

Or someone can just hack in a temporary solution: a purifier+funnel combo that is placed on the roof.

Had exactly this same idea last year. I even wanted it to be my first CDDA code contribution… but looking how funnel was actually an item+trap+abstract_code_in_the_weather_module I gave up. I still think this kind of contraption is a conceptually a good idea. If the FOODCO can do water purification, I don’t see why a roof funnel couldn’t too.