Attaching funnels to vehicles

I was thinking, would it be possible to make funnels or a variety of them attachable to vehicles so the player could collect and store rain water provided he has a water tank installed.

Yeah, but the water tank only runs with purified water. Maybe a setup of a funnel and a water purifier that runs off the car’s battery?

This would be neat. I also wouldn’t mind the ability to build cisterns without a vehicle as well via the construction menu. They could function as the Kitchen Unit for dispensing water into a container. Of course, it wouldn’t be purified water.

For more fun, you could rig up a system where it takes the area of an attached roof in account for drawing water.

You could make it so there are tanks for vehicles that can hold regular water.

Unpurified water tank. 1x Metal tank

Car funnel that can be attached to anywhere on the car, even with a roof. (Put it on the roof). If we don’t need a electrical circuit system, we don’t need a water pipe system. 1x Funnel (No makeshift knock-offs you Junkie!)

Unpurified water spout. Let’s you pour water into containers for purification (Kitchen Buddy 2 steps away).
Alternative: Funnel system that automatically purifies rain water and runs on batteries. This sounds over-powered to me, but sure I’ll take it too. Lotsx Pipe

As some of you know, all it takes to make this is a steel frame, a metal tank, some funnels, and probably a buncha pipes. It would be a great addition to survivor contraptions made using the build vehicle menu. Like the Kitchen connected to outside solar battery, or the drag-along welding cart.