Rain Catcher

After sitting around my base, sipping on the last of my dirty toilet water, I thought of an interesting question…

“Why am I sipping dirty toilet water when it’s been raining heavily for four days?”

As I looked out the window, confirming with myself that the sky was currently pissing on the earth, I had an idea on how to harness it!

“A Raincatcher! Of course!”

Then I thought of what it would be made of as I vomited for the 3rd time that day.

"It could be Deployable like a tent, made up of:

  • (1) Rain coat
    -4 Pointy sticks
    -1 Funnel
    -1 Plastic Jerry can
    and - (200) Duct tape

Brilliant! A renewable source of water! That would be super helpful." I exclaimed to myself.

But wait! What of the acid rain?

“Hmmm, I suppose I would have to make sure to collect the clean water before it’s ruined by the acid. That might be a chore to do… but hey! I could use it to collect acid as well! Another plus!”

I smiled internally as I puked the life out of myself.

Am I missing something? I mean… isn’t this exactly what a funnel already does?

Oh yeah… it does exactly that doesn’t it…

Buuuuut… Could be an upgrade! Using a a rain coat to collect more water, faster!

[size=8pt]Saved it :3[/size]

Thought of that myself, but I find the basic funnel is plenty fast enough already.

But then again I have three of them on the go at once. In fact I have something like 20 fricking funnels outside my shelter. Most just don’t have anything to fill up.

This so much this!

Same as the rest of you, I have too many funnels that don’t pick up water as it is. How about a funnel and filter that fits in a car and drains water directly into a car’s water tank?

Now that’s something I’d like to see implemented.

Filling up a car tank is annoying and there’s really no reason why a funnel and a pipe shouldn’t be able to do that.

Also, why not wire a water purifier into your vehicle so it purifies the water going into the tank automatically for a cost in battery power?


This. Reduce tedium, add more gameplay.

In my nomadic life of a mutant RV owner, I just top up at swimming pools. Two jerrycans and the kitchen unit = all the drinkable water I could ever want.

This. Reduce tedium, add more gameplay.[/quote]

Hell yes! Why not? Is awesome!