Automatic turn progression for driving?

Is there some sort of automatic turn progression option for driving? When you have a long trip to do and you’ve already cleared the road it’s just [tab] [tab] [tab] … etc, and so on. It would be cool if you could just have ON = take a turn every 0.8 seconds while you are operating a vehicle.

I’m not entirely sure if this is what you’re asking, but if you go into your overmap, select a tile you want to travel to and hit uppercase “W” once it will plot a route for you. If you hit “W” again without moving your cursor, you can autotravel. Be warned it’s not perfect, you won’t go much more than 40mph on the trip, and the pathfinding can be… iffy, especially with large vehicles.

It isn’t quite, but it sounds worth checking out! Can you cancel with 5 while driving if it’s about to drive into a lake or something?

P.S. The forum ate part of my post, so it may make a little more sense if you read it now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep! And the system usually is pretty cautious, stopping most of the time before it runs into anything to hand control back over to you. For long stretches between towns, it’s really handy!

Tried it. It’s awesome. Except for when it drives you into a tree or wreck. Only crashed like one out of five or six times, but I think save before setting off. :slight_smile:

This game is stupid awesome as this exists and I didn’t even know it after weeks of playing. I love this game.

I used to think autotravel in cars was safe . . . then I plowed into a truck so hard it broke its engine.

That was when it first came out, though, dunno if it’s any safer now.

It’s funny, too, because when it released I tested it a lot and it was always safe. Then in my let’s play I plowed into the truck.

I have literally seen my bike do a loop-de-loop in the middle of the road for no reason. Also, when crossing a long bridge with no cars on it, my bike suddenly turned right and crashed into the barrier.

But then there was the incident with the beagle. Anyone remember Knight Rider? There was the sequel movie thing where they were trying to replace KITT with an upgraded version and it nearly drove straight into a deer on autopilot. When questioned about this the car replied “We would have sustained no damage whatsoever by striking that animal”

Yeah, I didn’t stop the bike in time. R.I.P. beagle.

You’re mowing down small critters while I’m being prompted every turn while driving past a group of rats…sigh
It’s a bit derpy and I will NOT trust it while heading into uncleared territory, but there’s nothing better than autodrive for shuttling supplies from a cleared area back to my base. My only complaint is that it makes my physically nauseous IRL to watch it drive. Something about the constant small turns and quick progression just doesn’t agree with me. Easy enough to work around by alt-tabbing out, though sometimes I don’t notice right away when it prompts me for things (see rats above). All in all I give it a B+. Could have been an A, but it ran me head on into a parked car once after driving back and forth past it about 10 times.