Vehicle size/shape and auto-drive experience

I’m curious what vehicle size/shapes people have used that seemed to work well with auto-drive. I’m playing on 0.E stable. My current vehicle is box shaped, 10 long by 7 wide. The rear 2 wheels on the back most tiles. Up front my front steering wheels are 3 tiles back from the front most tiles, that is after the front tire tiles there are 2 more rows of tiles to the front.

Experience wise… Auto-drive often cancels when on the roads between cities, not due to spotting something or such. Meanwhile in the cities besides oft canceling it has ran into stuff out on the edge of property. These are on cleared roads btw, so no having to path around junk on the roads, just pathing the roads themselves.

The wheel location should have no affect on autodrive. Steering in CDDA is currently binary: you either have enough wheels to steer (which is 1 steerable wheel) or you don’t. Location doesn’t matter.

There’s a debug option to turn on an auto drive preview.
Moatly, it’s just that you have a very large vehicle. But that may be helpful for you to see what is happening

Hmm… not quite what I was hoping for… something like vehicle show and tell if it included a little blurb about how auto-drive performed would be overkill but good.