Autodoc Bug when an item is on the machine's tile

So I found this by accident a couple days ago, and I saw it happening to Vormithrax as well, which prompted me to create a test character for this, and can now say it’s 100% replicable. (screenshots will be provided).

Build: 11476

  • Create world;
  • Create a character that’s smart enough to use an autodoc with moderate success.
  • Start in a lab, find an autodoc;
  • debug 2 Power Storage CBMs into your inventory.
  • Autodocs now start with Anesthesia Kits on top of them, but if it doesn’t have one, just put any random item you may have on the machine’s tile.
  • Proceed to install a CBM;
  • “Pick Up” Window pops up, pick up whatever item’s on top of the Autodoc.
  • Wake up to -1CBM, -Anesthetic and no installed CBMs.

It only happens when you pick up the items. If you don’t, the procedure goes through as intended.

Should be fixed with this PR.

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