Autoclave pouch drops unreasonably rare?

I didn’t want to necro this discussion, but it’s relevant.

I cleared out a whole floor of an underground science labs and probably a dozen or more zombie scientists and didn’t find any autoclave pouches. There was an autodoc with some prototype cyborgs and a bunch of CBMs in storage.

Did I just have really bad luck with the RNG or are they really rare?

The discussion on crafting autoclave pouches petered out without reaching a productive conclusion, but as it says there you basically need a container that can have a CBM stuck inside it, fit inside the autoclave, survive over-pressure high temperature steam, and be sealed without touching the insides after it has gone through the wash cycle.

There’s also the option of not using a pouch and just picking it up with a normal plastic bag that you have soaked in antiseptic / denatured alcohol and hoping for the best. I don’t think you can use CBMs that aren’t completely sterile in the game now, but logically you could just clean them as best you can and take antibiotics for a week afterwards. Compared with daily life in zombie utopia and autodocs that can literally kill you it’s probably not that big a risk.

I do find it a very odd item. Initially when I found one I thought it was just a miniature autoclave or something. Boy was I wrong there. Cleaning cbms is a huge chore with so much damned equipment. Not a fan of the now absolutely bloated system. Step after step after step ugh gets irritating with all the key presses and menu navigation to climb through all the hoops. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be immersive but it really isn’t.

I’ve been rather lucky to get a bunch of the pouches off scientist zombies. Actually got most of them in old style labs but I’ve also been through an unreasonable number of those.

Quick answer because I’ve just read the title ( sorry)
Pouch currently spawn in some medical related places, they could probably spawn in more places just need someone to work on it.

Reading the replies I get the feeling that my RNG luck was just bad, but maybe it is a little too difficult to get ahold of them.

P.S. I totally caved and used debug menu to spawn some in. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the nearish future getting CBM should be made easier to get and install with the introduction of a new faction that has them and can install them in you so depending how things go the whole dissect/mend/clean/autoclave/install loop might become obsolete.

I really hope it becomes obsolete. You missed the pouch step in that long list lol. It really is just too many damn steps, all of it just menu spam. I love the sound of the new faction as well.

theres like 120-ish pouches that always spawn at the mini bio-weapon lab you find with evelynn rose, along with an autoclave and science tools, autodoc, and welder… for some reason. but that’s also a mod, and the place is usually overrun by augmented abominations and zombie augmented abominations fighting anything nearby.

on the bright side, if you manage to get them all to either kill themselves or manage to kill them… plenty of bodies to scavage for CBM’s too!

That’s horrifying in its own way. Imagine getting shafted by RNG so that faction never spawns. Or getting them hostile by accident.

Nah there’s no way it doesn’t spawn, and if you get them hostile you can still get to hunt them down and extract the CBMs the old way.
But wait for it to actually get implemented before worrying about that

do you know when I first saw Isherwoods? after one year. not ingame, one RL year after starting playing cdda. If Exodii spawn rate is anything like that, well…

well i think he means its gonna be something like the hub, or the survivors at the center, where there will be obvious clues leading you towards the faction (possibly even npc’s wandering around to fight shocker zombies and abominations with the intent to steal their CBMs? who would tell you exactly where they’re based.)

Again worry about it if it happens not before the thing is implemented at all

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Sure thing. Let’s wait for another implementation of new mechanics that will break dozens of already working things and then spam bug reports about it and hope at least some of them are fixed. Let’s not try to predict what could go wrong before it is implemented because what’s the point of doing it anyway. I totally agree with this approach.(actually, I am not)

I mean there was a time I couldn’t find hub 01 and I found that the nearest hub 01 to spawn was 3 overmaps southwest (I used debug to find it.)

In the closed steamer, the steam can not overflow, the pressure is rising, so that the boiling point of water is rising, so that the temperature in the pot is also increasing. Under the pressure of 0.1MPa (101.33kpa), the temperature in the pot reaches 121 ℃. At this steam temperature, all kinds of bacteria and their highly heat-resistant spores can be quickly killed.
Generally, the main material is PE (polyethylene), and a few are PP (polypropylene). But this does not mean that as long as the bag is made of PE and PP, it can withstand high temperature and high pressure sterilization without melting. It is also closely related to the brand and brand of materials and the production process.

some counter arguments

  • already sterile cbms are in an autoclave pouch that could be salvaged
  • when cbms are installed the pouch could in theory be reused

counter-counter argument:

one assumes the reason they’re disposable is because they’re made for a single use, after that point they would degrade enough in structural integrity it wouldn’t be usable for its intended purpose. think grocery store bags, you can use them over and over for their intended purpose, but after a couple uses you’re gonna have to find/use new bags because they’ll be stretched and torn. not to say you COULDNT use a single autoclave pouch for several diffrent rounds of cleaning, but then you risk destroying your cbm altogether with each use, and that’d need to be programmed in.

… as far as removing a sterile CBM from an autoclave pouch to use that pouch… that defeats the purpose of sterelizing the CBM dont it? it wouldnt be sterile anymore.

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The whole CBM installation process did become rather strangely cumbersome.

I mean, it’s more logical than just taking a chunk of metal and stabbing it into your body the way you used to, but the kind of weird thing is that once you DO get the setup to install CBM’s, you can pretty much mass install as many as you want so as a game system its this one-time barrier, and the moment you overcome it you can turn yourself into a cyborg monstrosity (because you’ll probably have an entire vehicle cargo carrier full of CBM’s by then…). This is mainly the problem because CBM’s are far more common than the gear needed to install them.

Last time I ran a CBM build the pouches and autoclaves were often not too hard to find in hospitals, in significant numbers. That may have changed, though frankly that would be pretty odd - hospitals should have them.

The other thing that’s weird about autoclave pouches is that you shouldn’t need them if you’re going to immediately install a CBM - they’re only for storage. You pop the thing out of the autoclave and straight onto a sterile tray for the operation, exactly the same way the surgical tools themselves are. Really a CBM should be sterile with or without a pouch - it should simply become NON-sterile very quickly if left exposed without a pouch - not an issue in an (arguably) sterile operating theater with an autoclave in it.

you do still have to -find- the CBM’s you want. that is/should be the difficulty curve for them… the better the CBM, the harder it should be to find, and the less likely it gets installed.

i suppose it would depend on what you’re sterilizing if it’d remain sterilized… if it wasn’t watertight or if it melts under heat then it’d be a no-go, that’s what the pouch is for really… possibly also has something to do with the vacuum process most autoclaves use. also, operating theater or not, if there’s a dead zombie in the room its not exactly sterile, and i doubt you go through the standard cleaning procedures before entering the room or actually doing surgery on yourself… remember, its the AUTODOC that’s sterile and opening the autoclave pouch to insert the bionic into you.

a few things:

  • the point of removing a sterile cbm from a pouch is if you never intend to install the cbm contained in it (ex. duplicate cbms to ones you already have installed)
  • the simplest way to have multi use pouches with finite reuses would be to have an operation have a chance to return the pouch
  • perhaps cbms should have a degree of non-sterileness that increases over time
  • the more non-sterile the higher for a chance for an infection that can be treated with antibiotics
  • the infection would mainly be like a cold at that point since autodocs dispense antibiotics
  • though infuture perhaps autodocs should have a finite and refillable medicine reserve