Some errors found during testing (build 10554)

DEBUG : Error: line 85:28: no such item type ‘anesthesia’

        "place_loot": [{
                "x": 16,
                "y": [14, 17],

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 820

error aboves happens after loading mods and then loading map weights.

how to fix it?

update your mods, either secronom or cata++

will try… be back with report.

same, even after updating every mod…

looks like somebody remove Anesthesia kit from the game but forget to remove the reference as well

  • Go to secronom\Modification Files\Maps\Flesh\

  • Open flesh_buildings.json and flesh_city.json.

  • Find all instances of “anesthesia” and replace with “anesthetic”, and save.

That should fix it.

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testing, will be back with report

No, it’s completle removed from the game. One of your mod is referencing it, you need to find which one and either update it or remove it. Or place anesthesia with something else, like the actual anesthetic kit
EDIT: basically what mentos said

allright, mentos046 has given me some solution to test.

your solution worked very well, thank you for suggestion…

looks like i have to give warning to mod author about changing “anesthesia” to “anesthetic”

Glad I could help.

20 character limit shenanigans.

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haha :laughing:, feels like twitter word limitation.