ASCII help

Hey Everyone,

I have recently started playing Cataclysm DDA and am not a big fan of the included tile sets (just personal) taste and whilst watching a few videos of the game in action I quite liked the aesthetic of just the default ASCII. Though what I was wondering was are things like desks, chairs, counters, stairs, etc. meant to be greyed out unless standing right next to them?

Like so.

From what i’ve watched these items were coloured. Is this a change that has been around for awhile now or have I missed something and if so how do I correct this?

Any help is greatly appreciated and sorry if this is the wrong area for this thread :slight_smile:

It varies, I think it has to do with the amount of light.

What he said, they’re greyed out because of low light level.

DDA uses greying out to indicate low light levels, the change you may be noticing is that the starting shelter now has the blinds on the windows closed by default so you can get your bearings before a nearby monster spots you and starts attacking. As a side effect, the light level in the shelter is low.

Thanks heaps everyone