Armored Zombies

Do these regenerate? cos if not then I think I found a bug. I was poking around in the bottom of a lab when I came across one of these guys in the finale room, he actually cleared most of the room for me and was at near death when I engaged him. After knocking it around the room for a while I realised I couldn’t touch him with any of the melee weapons I was carrying, I wasn’t really keeping an eye on his health at that point, just checking the log to see if anything got through. So I tried breaking out the explosive arrows and his health actually started going up with every arrow I fired, just curious because I haven’t noticed any other zombies regenerating and if they do it isn’t anywhere near as quick as this guy.

Yeah, something is up with that. They’re not supposed to regenerate as far as I know.
On a possibly related note I found a damaged gun that does negative damage, which I don’t think should be possible:

Surgery Gun

It did seem weird to me but I couldn’t be certain as I’ve never fought one of them before and lots of zombies do have unique traits and abilities.

I looked at the Armored Zombie and don’t see anything that suggests they should regenerate. I may have missed something, but they just look like a regular zombie with really high armor. So . . . they probably shouldn’t be regenerating naturally.

Negative gun damage is something they’re aware of ( and ) and I thought it’d been addressed, but I guess not.

All creature regenerate very tiny hp while time pass by. BUT I think that undead creatures will not regenerate(clarify if im wrong :stuck_out_tongue:)