I'm back after over a year

I loaded up the game again after a long, long time away. I’ve noticed quite a few changes:

  • These skeletal juggernauts are ridiculous. They take three hits from Marloss Man Reborn to kill, and there are hundreds of them.
  • It’s much harder to keep zombies down. Even basic butchering takes forever.
  • Corrosive zombies can hit through armor, and their projectiles are undodgeable.
  • Frozen stuff is really buggy. MMR is so slow that when he tries to defrost something, it’s frozen again before it’s done waiting. I nearly starved to death.
  • The game is much harder in general. I never had trouble with 50x spawn rate before, but MMR has nearly died twice now. I had two broken legs and 14/303 torso health at one point!
    However, on the bright side:
  • I found out I can burn tainted meat for lots of power with no morale debuff. This is the only thing between me and death, as my bionics saved me both times I nearly died.
  • I’m sure that with a whole year of missed PRs, there’s lots of new stuff to discover!

I also have some questions:

  • What’s some good mid-game armor? My power armor was destroyed just before the last time I played, so I have nothing. I also need something that resists acid so my legs stop getting melted.
  • What happened to the old guard? I recognize none of you.
  • Why is the forum so damn slow!?

I just smash instead of butchering zombies.

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Beware the new health mechanics, they can really throw off the old styles of play. I think the changes are fun.

Freezing is being fixed. https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/24956

Butchering is also being tweaked. https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/24878

Welcome back, some one took over your Gods of the cataclysm throne.

Rubber boots to help against acid.

Chitinious boots too.

Hit shocker and corrosive zombies at range and always butcher them instead of smashing.

Especially good if you use the special chitin from the acidic ants.

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I can’t figure out how to quote people, so I’ll address each of you individually.

Duhuh: I’ve been doing that, but it doesn’t help much against necromancers, and I can’t do it mid-battle.
Kobold: Cool, good to know things are getting fixed. Whoever took over my pantheon is welcome to it as long as I can still stick around on the sidelines.
Azur: I’ve solved that problem by finding a suit of RM13 combat armor in a bank vault, but if I grow a beak again, I’ll keep that in mind.
Squid: I don’t have many ranged options, and these zombies are often hiding behind walls of skeletal juggernauts. The problem has been solved for the moment by my RM13 combat armor and copious use of the Dielectric Capacitance CBM.

Click drag over text and copy it, then it should give you an option to quote it when you paste it.
I can’t figure out how to quote people, so I’ll address each of you individually.

Oh, ya gotta hit the quote button. Lol

Glad to see you returning, seems most of us ancient folks vanished, not many left.

As to new things: labs are far more awesome than ever before, and you can now make camps with your NPCs.

Those new things should be also on mobile version.

plux plux! I’m noob to upate it myself

I use a bow (shortbow, longbow and then compound bow) most of the time. I can draw zombies away from the necromancer and kill them one by one, or kill the necromancer before other things.
If a bunch of zombies get too close, my character is dead.